As the summer draws to a close, vacations are winding down and the kids are heading back to school.  Sadly, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is in the cross hairs of  another huge crisis, even more insidious than hurricane Katrina. The BP oil spill has made it’s way to our shores. Once again we will be tested, and once again, we will be called upon to stand beside one another and remain strong and vigilant as we fight this new foe. The Gulf Coast is known for it’s strength of character and now we must come to the aid of our seafood industry and support the restaurants that are struggling. They are taking a tremendous hit and need our help in order to continue to thrive and prosper. Please make it a point to dine out as often as possible. Feel free to order to your heart’s content all the fish, crab, shrimp or oysters at the restaurant of your choice. There is no need to fear! Local restaurants need your business. They are going to extreme measures to insure that only the finest seafood remains on the menu, but in order to continue to provide it for their customers…faith must be restored and sales must increase. Please support these local businesses that are so important to the Coast. The survival of our seafood restaurants depend on us all. Thank you
This issue of GTP introduces you to the WLOX Weather Team, and takes you inside the world of meteorology. The IMMS checks in and reports on the many animals they are trying to save in the Gulf. We will give you a sneak peek at the brand new Orr-O’Keefe museum of Art which will open in the Fall, and I visit with Grammy award winner, Donna Summer who will grace the stage at the IP this month.
All this…and so much more
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

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