Simple Fitness Tips

By: Dawn Mattina

Today, people are so busy and our lives are at a fevered pitch most of the time. You wonder,  how could it be possible to schedule regular exercise and fitness into an already overwhelming schedule? Fitness, like anything else, is about strategy and logistics. It is also a state of mind. When the mind and body are well cared for, they work in unison and productivity is at its best. Here are some great fitness tips that will help you stay on course with a regular exercise plan. You will feel better, have more energy, and always be at the top of your game.Set GoalsGoals provide direction and motivation. The key to setting goals is to determine short-term goals with a long-term focus. The mental ideology of fitness needs to be considered a lifelong endurance race, not a sprint. So, set short-term goals such as running a 5K race in three months. However, long-term focus will be on longevity, quality of life, decreased health risks, decreased need for medications and solid mobility as life progresses.Drink WaterLack of water can lead to dehydration as well as drain energy. Drinking water is vital to good health and fitness. The Institute of Medicine advises that men consume roughly 3 liters—13 cups of total— of beverages a day and women consume 2.2 liters—9 cups of total—of beverages a day.Mix Up ExerciseThe key to preventing exercise and weight-loss plateaus is to provide the body with a variety of exercise. Medical and fitness experts recommend aerobic, strength and flexibility training using different machines and free weights, varying the level of difficulty, trying new classes and mixing up cardiovascular workouts.Eat for LifeChoose a nutritional program you can live with for a lifetime. Dieting trends and fads can be difficult to stick to, and often people find themselves constantly starting over. Provide a way to eat that promotes good health, energy, lowered health risks and solid nutrition. Be strategic: Get what you want, but be smart about it and never set yourself up for failure through deprivation.Understand the Self-Fulfilling ProphecyA powerful, psychological theory is very important. People define themselves every day with statements that play again and again inside their heads.  If you have a mental tape that plays messages such as, ‘I am a sweets or dessert person,’ or ‘I am not the exerciser type,’ you are living a self-fulfilling prophecy. Change how you think about yourself, and your behaviors will follow.Get a Good Night’s SleepAdequate rest is a big part of any formula for fitness and health.. Getting a good night’s sleep is integral to all the body’s systems. The brain, endocrine and cardiovascular systems restore the body throughout the night, improving functioning for the next day. When the body is well-rested and not constantly looking for energy because of fatigue, it is easier to make good choices.


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