Wearing White After Labor Day & Other Fashion Advice

In the past, fashion experts warned against wearing white after Labor Day. Today, winter white and other off-white shades are extremely popular as fall and winter fashion staples. Not wearing white after Labor Day no longer applies, in fact there are no fashion rules anymore! Just for fun, this is the list of the top ten fashion myths.
Myth 1 – You can’t wear sandals after Labor Day. Reality: You can wear sandals fashionably any time of year, as long as the weather is appropriate for them.
Myth 2 – You should wear suede shoes in the fall and winter. Reality: Yes, suede shoes are very attractive with Fall and Winter fashions, but wearing a fine light Nubuck shoe is great any time of year.
Myth 3 – You have to cut your hair after 40 because middle age women shouldn’t have long hair. Reality: This is totally false! In fact, long hair can look great on older women, and often actually makes them look younger.Myth 4 – You shouldn’t wear black in the spring and summer. Reality: While bright summery colors are fun, black works well any time of year.
Myth 5 – You should only wear diamonds in the evening. Reality: Long ago, it was considered in bad taste to wear diamonds during the day. Today, you can wear modest diamonds whenever you like!
Myth 6 – You should never mix jewelry made from different colors of metal, such as yellow and white gold. Reality: This is SO ridiculous! You can mix any variety of precious metals that you like. This includes sterling silver, gold, platinum and more!Myth 7 – Wearing black at a wedding is bad luck or taboo. Reality: Today you can wear any color to a wedding. In fact, black is particularly beautiful for an evening wedding. The only color you should never wear is solid white. You never want to outshine the bride after all!
Myth 8 – Your shoe color needs to match your outfit. Reality: You can actually find shoes in complementary colors that will likely look better than a shoe that is the exact color of your outfit. Taupe and beige shoes are always a tasteful and attractive choice. And shoes can also provide that special “pop” of color to wake up a solid.
Myth 9 – If you plan to wear open toed shoes, you can’t wear stockings. Reality: There are super sheer stockings designed specifically for “peep toe” shoes, and they look wonderful.  Again – it comes down to personal choice.
Myth 10 – A handbag must match the outfit. Reality: A handbag must COMPLIMENT the outfit! Today, handbags make quite a fashion statement all by themselves. Go bold, go big, and have fun with it. Remember, when it comes to fashion, the most important thing is to feel as great as you look.  Clothes and accessories allow us to express ourselves…Enjoy!


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