Month: October 2010


Happy Fall Ya’ll!
Cruisin The Coast is now one of the biggest and best classic car events in the country! It is our pleasure to tell you all about this unprecedented event, which will celebrate it’s 14th year in South Mississippi this month!  Don’t miss a moment of the fun.
We will proudly introduce you to two Biloxi icons, Desporte and Son Seafood Market and Deli,  and Josette’s! Meet Juanita Hood, Costume Department Manager of Josette’s, the little dynamo who can do just about anything!  And Sean Desporte talks about his family business that has been providing the Coast with the very best seafood for over 100 years.  “If it swims…they’ll have it!”
Pink Heart Funds along with The Nourishing Place will benefit big time thanks to the generosity of the Gulf Coast Association of Realtors, 8th Annual Golf Tournament, we’ll tell you all about it.
Remember, Halloween isn’t just about costumes and trick or treating anymore. There are so many different and exciting alternatives for families to enjoy – GTP has the scoop!
All This…and so much more
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

Crusin’ the Coast – Back for it’s 14th year and better than ever!

By: Nancy Marchbanks
A thing of beauty is a joy forever…and when thousands of classic cars stream into the Gulf Coast…it is indeed a thing of beauty. Cruisin’ The Coast is back again, and it never fails to take your breath away. For many of us, it’s a trip down memory lane. Cruisin’ The Coast is always filled with fun and excitement from beginning to end, and this year…it’s going to be even more so. Once again, Woody Bailey, Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Cruisin’, has put together a week long extravaganza in honor of classic cars, hot rods, and muscle cars. As of mid September, when registration was closed there were over 3,600 vehicles registered to participate. (more…)


By: Nancy Marchbanks
Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound….no, it’s not Superman – It’s the manager of the Costume and Theater Dept at Josette’s!  Meet Juanita Hood, who has been at the helm of this remarkable place for 13 years! When she was hired, she knew absolutely nothing about the business and found the job rather daunting. “I was petrified when I started. I never thought I could learn where everything was, and what to do. In time though, I did learn everything, and I knew I really belonged. Josette trained me and was such a wonderful teacher. I love it, and for some reason I thrive on all the craziness, pressure, and chaos” Juanita said. The job requires a calm, cool head and being able to react quickly and with great efficiency.  The days are filled with constant challenges, often requiring snap decisions to be made, with no room for error. (more…)

The Many Moooods of Halloween

By: Melody Worsham
It’s October. The month of ghouls, ghosts, pranks and pumpkins. Cities along the Coast are gearing up for their trick-or-treat street parties for the kids. The casinos are filling up for an autumn of nightlife festivities. Many on the Coast are ready for something a little out of the ordinary, and the Gulf Coast has plenty to offer. (more…)

Mississippi Voter Information

Every U.S. citizen who possesses the following qualifications is entitled to register to vote in Mississippi:
An inhabitant of Mississippi, except persons judicially declared mentally incompetent; At least 18 years old (or will be by the date of the next general election);
A resident of the state, county, and supervisor’s district for 30 days;
Has never been convicted of any crime listed in Section 241 of the Mississippi Constitution (murder, rape, bribery, theft, arson, obtaining money or goods under false pretense, perjury, forgery, embezzlement, or bigamy). (more…)

A Southern Creation

By Nancy Baker Faul
An unassuming wooden house, with a large front porch, sits one block west of Hwy 49 at 15456 Dedeaux Road just across from Harrison Central Elementary.  Inside this charming place, you will find some of the most unique art, jewelry, crafts and one-of-a-kind items on the Coast. As guests enter the door they are met with an array of “eye candy” that is hard to resist.. Sparkle and glitz meet with coastal flavor in each piece of art lining the tables and walls. If you are stumped as to what to get for those on your Christmas list, or need a wonderfully tasteful gift for any occasion then you will want to stop by and talk with owner, Denise Hubbard and her assistant Christina Chance. From Christian books and knick knacks, to original coastal art there is truly is something for everyone. (don’t forget to check out the 99 cents section for lots of goodies too!) With the largest selection of Fleur de’ Lis  jewelry, scarves, ornaments, crafts and accessories on the entire coast, A Southern Creation has become the “IN” place to buy special gifts. Coast native Libby Beasnett, now residing in neighboring Tennessee, sends her original art prints of coastal scenes directly to Denise for sale in the art boutique. Framing is also available.   (more…)

Antonian Hair, Skin & Nails A Celebration of 14 Years of Service

By: Nancy Baker Faul
Anna Marie Sukmann is passionate about all things beautiful. She and her family have made a lifelong dream come true by doing what they love. Anna’s daughter, Ann Marie has a degree in Marketing and Management from Ole Miss that helps the business keep right on track in these tough economic times. Also, daughter Angela Heise has a Masters Degree in Education from William Carey University and teaches Art at St. Martin High School when she isn’t busy at the salon doing nails. Still another daughter, Mary Stokus moved to Orlando, Florida when her talents landed her a position as Director of Education for the United States for Tammy Taylor Nails. Owner, Anna Marie, holds a degree in Education & Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. Antonian is a bevy of educated ladies, using their special talents to make the world a little more beautiful.
Located at 14451 Dedeaux Road the October 1996 opening of Antonian Hair, Skin & Nails brought the family together in a place they call their second home. Prices have always been very reasonable and still are 14 years later. Many things have changed over the years but “all for the better”, says Anna. “We’ve hit a few economic rough patches but we’ve always kept our prices low and our focus is on the artistry of what we do. We were open only two weeks after Katrina and we were so thankful and busy! Our clients are number one with us, and no matter what life has thrown at us we stay true to our commitment to bring the best products to our clients.” Redkin is the choice for hair and Tammy Taylor products for nails. (more…)

Cacaro, Grant and Wagner Return to the Power Plant

Forward Jeff Grant and Defenseman Shane Wagner and Glenn Cacaro will be suiting up at the power plant for another year of High Voltage Hockey
Jeff Grant was a late edition to last years William B Coffey award winning team. Due to injuries and call ups, Jeff joined the team on February 10th on a three game try-out. It wasn’t soon after that, that this 6’0 175lb grinder from Massachusetts signed a contract and never looked back. “Jeff was recommended to me by his former teammate Chris Greene, I really didn’t know much about the kid” Coach Walby states. “I was presently surprised how well he fit in with the rest of the guys on and off the ice. I look for Jeff to pick up right where he left off, and for him to be a top six forward on our team”. (more…)

Desporte & Son’s Seafood Market & Deli

By: Nancy Baker Faul
Think about what Biloxi might have been like in the late 1800’s. It was a simpler way of life and a harder way of life. There were no paved roads and the waters of the Mississippi Sound lapped lazily at the embankment of the shore for there was no man-made sea wall. Families were close knit and neighbors were always willing to help one another. Many families relied upon what they could catch and harvest from the saltwater to put food on the table. That’s how Biloxians began to call Mullet by the term “Biloxi Bacon.” It’s still a readily available fish today that families continue to serve on their tables as grocery prices soar. Biloxi came to be known as the “Seafood Capital of the World.” Life centered around the fishermen’s catch. (more…)