A Southern Creation

By Nancy Baker Faul
An unassuming wooden house, with a large front porch, sits one block west of Hwy 49 at 15456 Dedeaux Road just across from Harrison Central Elementary.  Inside this charming place, you will find some of the most unique art, jewelry, crafts and one-of-a-kind items on the Coast. As guests enter the door they are met with an array of “eye candy” that is hard to resist.. Sparkle and glitz meet with coastal flavor in each piece of art lining the tables and walls. If you are stumped as to what to get for those on your Christmas list, or need a wonderfully tasteful gift for any occasion then you will want to stop by and talk with owner, Denise Hubbard and her assistant Christina Chance. From Christian books and knick knacks, to original coastal art there is truly is something for everyone. (don’t forget to check out the 99 cents section for lots of goodies too!) With the largest selection of Fleur de’ Lis  jewelry, scarves, ornaments, crafts and accessories on the entire coast, A Southern Creation has become the “IN” place to buy special gifts. Coast native Libby Beasnett, now residing in neighboring Tennessee, sends her original art prints of coastal scenes directly to Denise for sale in the art boutique. Framing is also available.  Denise said, “It is such an honor to have so many good friends and terrific artists who want to put their works in the store. I have been blessed to have friends like (Coast murder mystery author) Terry Miles allow me to showcase their amazing artistry. Terry has been on the #1 best seller list lots, and in the Top 10 @ Barnes & Noble. “I make jewelry that is my own creation and one-of-a-kind. People seem to just snap it up as fast as I can make it,” she said. Readers can check out Terry’s’ info at oncewritten.com. Everywhere you look there are interesting and beautiful things. Books line shelves alongside molded bunnies and clay sculptures. Handmade Christmas ornaments bedeck a huge tree in the foyer and beautiful stained glass art hangs in the windows to catch the afternoon sun light. Pottery from all over the United States adorns every nook and cranny and the walls are covered with oils, acrylics and mixed media paintings and sketches. When folks visit the shop they rarely leave empty handed. Jewelry classes and tile painting classes are given by Denise herself in the side room of the store. She loves teaching what she has learned over the years and says that her love of the craft made it an easy choice to keep her fees down to “rock bottom” minimums. A 2½ hour class is only $20 plus materials but clients are allowed to bring their own supplies if they wish. There are also classes on working with hammered metal, vintage beads and other various “how-to” courses scheduled by Denise as the need arises. There will be a HUGE sidewalk sale during the month of October but you must call for dates and times. Denise and Christina can be reached at 228-539-2502. Watch for the new web site to make its debut later this year!SPECIAL ORDERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED!!! Brides can order an entire matching jewelry collection, made to one-of-a-kind specifications for their bridal parties. Multiple orders for large groups and events can also be discussed during private consultations.


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