Catfish Charlie

Happy 30th Anniversary Catfish Charlie! Locals have long known the unique flavor and crunch of Catfish Charlie entrees. The Sinopoli family has a special surprise for its guests to celebrate their good fortune. The restaurant has teamed up with Quality Seafood and Coca Cola and other vendors to bring you chances to win food and prizes! Register to win one of 30 dinners, a Dedeaux Clan Rocking Chair or other fabulous prizes!
Three days a week, the Catfish Charlie family serves up Fried Catfish, Chicken and Shrimp for a modest price. All U Care To Eat, Homestead Special, (catfish or chicken) is only $12.45 and comes with lots of homemade fixin’s.  All meats are fried in peanut oil and the cottage fries are great!
Owner, Karen Sinopoli says, “We concentrate on doing things the old-fashioned way so our guests have a consistently great experience and always know that we work hard to be the best. We use Mississippi Farm Raised Catfish and local seafood. Our buttermilk biscuits are just like your grandma used to make. In fact, all our recipes are one’s that have been passed down through the family.”
One of the things that the Catfish Charlie owners insist upon is that their employees meet certain criteria to become a part of the ‘family’. Karen says, “We MOSTLY hire high school and college students or those with a full-time job. They MUST keep A’s and B’s to continue to work here. That’s how strongly we believe in education. All our employees are part-time and we do not want them to be here ‘forever’. We want them to fly out of the nest, so to speak, and go on to bigger and better things. We never want an employee to just stagnate in a menial job when we know they should get a degree and work toward a goal in life.

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