Drying Hair in Winter Time

There is no way out in winter time. So you start using a hair dryer. And hair suffers. What should be done to help?
Hair does not like high temperatures. Do not try out any super hair driers then. Under the influence of hot air the shells of a hair go up and the natural mist goes out of it. As a result, hair becomes dry, loses its gloss and it is unpleasant to touch. If you need to dry your hair quickly, firstly massage a moistening conditioner into it. Very good are so-called thermo-conditioning balms: if you put some onto the wet hair, it should protect hair from the hot air influence. Modern hair driers have “friendly” functions which allow their users to dry hair with warm and even cool stream of air.
Drying Against the Hair Natural Growth Direction
The method of drying hair with your head bend down which often can be seen even in the hair saloons is very destructive for one’s hair. Hair should be dried in the direction in which it grows. The appearance of your hair will be much better then. While drying hair this way, you close and smooth the shells of each hair and thus each hair will reflect the light.
Wet Hair Rollers
If you roll wet hair onto the rollers or pin it up while it is wet, this may damage your hair. While hair is damp, it is more likely to get it abraded, entangled or broken. According to many hair stylists, it is far better to use hair rollers or pins on almost dry hair which is an ideal time to style your hair. How do you recognize if the hair is ready to be styled? Your hair should look dry, it does not have any water colouring but if you touch it, you can still feel its coolness, its softness just like after the rain.
Keeping a Hair Dryer Close to One’s Head
If you want to dry your hair quickly, you often keep a hair drier close to your head. Yet from the very close distance even the warm stream of air may be dangerous and it may burn your hair. Always keep your hair drier at the minimum safety distance of 30 centimetres away from your head.
Drying Hair Without Combing it First
You should always comb your hair while it is wet. Your hair style should not necessarily remind everybody that of a good student. After you comb your hair, you can ruffle it again as you like. It is just that combing hair helps to smooth its surface, closes the shells and enables even distribution of hair conditioner or styling foam on your hair. If you do not comb your hair before drying them, it may not be possible to comb them afterwards. It will become too entangled.
Pulling Hair with a Towel
Before you start drying your hair with a hair drier, you should dry it a bit with a towel. Do not pull it a lot, however, just like your grandma used to when you were a kid. Have some respect for your hair, please. The best thing is to put some conditioner on wet hair first. Then wrap your head with a towel and let it dry a bit. Do not rub it, please!
Baking Hair with a Roller Hair Dryer
Never use a roller hair drier with wet hair. Use it only when it is a bit damp. It is much easier to burn the wet hair and the chance of breaking a hair is much higher when it is wet. Sometimes we find out about the disaster only when we smell our burned hair. The smell is rather unpleasant because the dead part of our hair is built with keratin, a kind of protein. And you can never help it if you burn your hair because the change is irreversible

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