McElroy’s on the Bayou

By: Nancy Baker Faul

In the 1970’s, the McElroy family owned and operated two “A&W Root beer stands”.  The family ran one stand in Biloxi & one in d’Iberville. Started by James R. and Emerick McElroy and Mickey and Jane McElroy, the stands flourished. Soon, Mickey and Jane found a snack bar to buy and over the next 25+ years would turn that small stand into a world renowned seafood restaurant known as McElroy’s. By adding onto the existing 65-75 seat original building in 1987 and then again in 1992, Mickey and his wife had grown the business to a 200 seat local hangout and the “in” place to dine on the water in Biloxi.
Along came hurricane Katrina in 2005 and plans changed. The restaurant was destroyed as was The McElroy’s home, their son’s home and their daughter’s home. With the Coast in “disaster mode”, Mickey began rebuilding in Ocean Springs on Hwy. 90 (Bienville Blvd.). Re-opened as ‘McElroy’s On The Bayou’ the restaurant fed thousands of relief workers as well as locals during those confusing days. With a strong local and tourist business brought over from their old Biloxi location the restaurant began to thrive again.
The menu sports entrees from Stuffed Flounder to Seafood Gumbo, fried shrimp and oysters to steaks and po-boys. The daily specials are reasonably priced and the seafood is fresh, local and delicious. We suggest you pick up a gallon of Gumbo for your holiday party or take your favorite friend to experience the laid-back and calm atmosphere that is unique to McElroy’s On The Bayou.

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