Month: November 2010

The Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Shootout

By: Nancy Marchbanks

The Sport Fishing and Charter Boat industry took a very heavy hit due to the oil spill. Happily, the situation is improving because of the swift action of the Mississippi Hotel and Lodging Association. A brand new promotion kicked off in October and continues through November 6th, offering big prize money for fishermen (and women) who book charters and bring in the heaviest catch in four catagories – Reds, King Mackerel, Red Snappers and Cobia. The Charter Boat Challenge certainly lit a spark because bookings for fishing trips are up again! (more…)

J.Réaux Salon

By Melody Worsham

The small community of Woolmarket is growing, and the need for local businesses is keeping up with the pace. Since Hurricane Katrina, Woolmarket has been the choice of many Coast residents who decided to move a little farther north. Astute Gulf Coast business owners are seeing the potential to serve these new residents. This is where Jeannine Réaux has opened her new salon. J.Réaux (pronounced RAY-oh) opened its doors at the beginning of October. Jeannine said that a lot happened to her after the 2005 hurricane. Before Katrina, she owned a salon in downtown D’Iberville, the Innovation Station located off of Gorenflo Road and Rodriguez. She had taken over the building where her father, Gilbert Réaux, had a barber shop for years. “I guess I’m following the family tradition,” Jeannine said. She is the third generation of hair-care specialists in the family after her father and great uncles. “My father was a barber for 43 years,” she said.
After Katrina, Jeannine went on to perfect her talents at Barnette’s Avada Day Spa, an upscale and popular salon in Ridgeland, just outside of Jackson. Upon her return to the coast in 2007, she began working at Cox’s Barbershop in north Ocean Springs. She recalls the first time a man requested a traditional flat top hair cut. She was carefully taking off the length a little at a time so as not to make a mistake, when one of the seasoned barbers, Robert Murphy, “took off about an inch straight out the middle of the man’s head.” Jeannine said he then told her to even out the rest of the hair on the man’s head to match the cut he just made. “ And that’s how I learned to do a flat top”, she said smiling. (more…)

McElroy’s on the Bayou

By: Nancy Baker Faul

In the 1970’s, the McElroy family owned and operated two “A&W Root beer stands”.  The family ran one stand in Biloxi & one in d’Iberville. Started by James R. and Emerick McElroy and Mickey and Jane McElroy, the stands flourished. Soon, Mickey and Jane found a snack bar to buy and over the next 25+ years would turn that small stand into a world renowned seafood restaurant known as McElroy’s. (more…)

Tips For Running Your First Marathon – What every newbie needs to know before taking on a big race

Week 1-3: Find Your Stride
As a novice runner, the first obstacle to overcome is yourself. While training, everyone says that running a marathon is 80 percent mental so the biggest challenge is letting yourself fail. Just as you can’t start with a 250 lb. deadlift, you can’t jump into training at an 8-minute mile. Sure, your competitive nature would love to train at a 1:45 hour race finish time, but if you want to make it past a week of training you have to mentally and physically slow down. There are a bunch of running schedules you can find online but accept the fact that it’s OK to modify based on your ability and schedule, and set realistic, achievable goals in terms of mileage and pace. (more…)

Stress Relief Through Charity

One of the best ways to relieve yourself from the stresses in life is by giving to others. When you help others it takes the focus off of you and your problems and shifts the focus to the needs of others. Helping others brings about change in the community and a peace to you and someone in need. Below are 10 ways to volunteer and give the gift of yourself to others:

1. Walkathons
Walkathons are charity walks. The only thing required is desire, determination and some good walking shoes. To participate contact the charity of your choice who is hosting the walk to register. Once you register you will be asked to get sponsors to donate money on behalf of you walking. Sponsors can be anyone- your family members, co-workers, church members, local businesses etc. Donations can be anywhere from $1.00 to as much as your sponsor is willing to donate. (more…)

Meet Romy Simpson of Negrotto’s Gallery

By: Nancy Baker Faul
Romy Simpson, a native of Colombia, South America is the current co-owner of Negrotto’s Gallery. She was recently recognized as one of the Top 50 Business Women in Mississippi by the Mississippi Business Journal. Simpson’s volunteer efforts earned her the 2009 Volunteer of the Year award for the American Advertising Federation and her professional accomplishments will be highlighted during Spotlight on Success put on by The March of Dimes on November 16th.  The gallery has won the prestigious award of Top 100 Art & Framing Galleries in the United States by Décor Magazine and the 2007 Chamber of Commerce Tapestry Award. (more…)