Month: December 2010


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all!
This is our final Casino Action issue for 2010, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase the beautiful IP Casino Resort Spa once again. For the finest in entertainment, dining, and gaming, visit the IP.
Executive Director of the Bacot McCarty Foundation, Todd Trenchard, shares his remarkable, life changing story.  GTP proudly honors him as our Mover and Shaker for the month of December.
We will introduce you to Nick & Nacks Flea Market, Exchange and Cafe in Woolmarket – if you are looking for something really special and different…you will certainly find it here!  And Taste Buds will take you to Carnaval de Brasil in the IP, for an extraordinary dining experience, like no other on the Coast.
All This…and so much more
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

Carnaval de Brasil Churrascaria

By: Nancy Baker Faul

For those who have a pallet that craves something new and exciting we have found the perfect place to satisfy those urges. Carnaval de Brasil at the IP Casino in Biloxi offers a huge assortment of meats that are full of the flavors of South America. Unique cooking techniques and very special spices combined by Chef Shannon Johnson and his staff, combine to make each item authentically Brasilian (purposefully spelled with an ‘s’ ). (more…)

Live the Illusion IP’s Mystique

December 31, 2010
Are you ready for a journey into the mysterious and indescribable? An extraordinarily colorful place where illusion is king? Then you must become a part of Mystique at IP Casino Resort & Spa, December 31, 2010.
Mystique is defined as “a complex of somewhat mystical attitudes and feelings surrounding a person, activity or institution.” In other words, something which may or may not be what it appears to be, elusive, daring and unusual. New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2010 at IP will be just that —a night filled with Mystique!  IP Casino Resort & Spa makes headlines every year with THE most astonishing New Year’s Eve celebrations on the Gulf Coast. This year along with the headlines, IP is making history! And, there is something on every floor for every guest throughout the evening at IP’s Mystique! (more…)

The Remarkable Life Of Todd Trenchard

By: Nancy Marchbanks
Todd Trenchard was born into a life of privilege. The son of an Oil and Gas Executive, he never wanted for anything. He grew up a stone’s throw from Tulane University, and always attended the finest private schools. His parents threw huge lavish parties at the New Orleans estate that were the talk of the town. It seemed like the perfect life, the envy of everyone…but it was all a beautiful facade that hid the shame and secret of alcoholism. Todd’s father had a serious drinking problem. (more…)

Christmas – A Time of Giving and Receiving!

By: Melody Worsham
No one needs reminding, but times are tough for many people these days.  Many have trimmed their budgets as they look forward to trimming their Christmas trees and the wicks of Menorah candles.  Yet, the holidays have always been a season of giving and receiving, and you can be a blessing to others either way.
During the holidays, there are so many ways to give to those in need and ways to receive if you are in need.  In times of widespread need, Ben Franklin noted, “everyone has courage and enough to spare.”  There are ways for you to be a blessing, and to give courage, to others by giving and receiving.  Along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, there are several opportunities for both, at the same time! (more…)

Jamie Creel wants to be the Voice for District 116

With the special election called by the Governor to fill the recently vacated House seat by Congressman-elect Steven Palazzo, several candidates are off and running.  A bright spot among them is Jamie Creel, a longtime resident of the Gulf Coast and former State Representative who is looking to put his experience “Back to Work” for the citizens of District 116.  “South Mississippi needs to have a loud voice in Jackson and I have proven that I can be that voice” Creel said. “To be effective, you must be a consensus builder; listen first, gain the trust and support of your colleagues and then move to accomplish your goals”. (more…)