Jamie Creel wants to be the Voice for District 116

With the special election called by the Governor to fill the recently vacated House seat by Congressman-elect Steven Palazzo, several candidates are off and running.  A bright spot among them is Jamie Creel, a longtime resident of the Gulf Coast and former State Representative who is looking to put his experience “Back to Work” for the citizens of District 116.  “South Mississippi needs to have a loud voice in Jackson and I have proven that I can be that voice” Creel said. “To be effective, you must be a consensus builder; listen first, gain the trust and support of your colleagues and then move to accomplish your goals”.
Although the candidates will run without party labels, Creel plans to highlight his conservative values which have guided him throughout his life and professional career.  “The principles of faith in God, strong family values and fiscal responsibility have always been the cornerstone of my actions”, Creel explained.  Creel is active in his church, stays busy with his family including coaching in youth sports leagues and is a key   member of management with his long-time employer, the IP Casino Resort Spa.
Jamie Creel’s involvement in the Hospitality and Tourism industry has led many to consider him to continue the Creel legacy as his father, Billy Creel, was a longtime tourism proponent and is the namesake of Harrison County’s Annual Tourism Award and his uncle, Nicky Creel, long time Chancery Clerk for Harrison County served on the Tourism Commission.  Creel recalled, “Dad was always involved in promoting the Gulf Coast and as a kid, he’d bring me along to experience firsthand the many sights and sounds of our hometown. I definitely inherited my father’s love for the Gulf Coast”.  This foundation and appreciation naturally led him to a career in this vital Coast industry; not only participating in it, but promoting and helping to grow it.
This involvement led Jamie Creel to become politically active several years prior when he sought and won a place in the Mississippi Legislature.   Seven years later  Creel is ready to put this seniority and experience “Back to Work” for not only the voters of District 116, but the Gulf Coast.
In fact, Creel makes the observation that the issues today are more complex and the solutions tougher to secure.  “There are still Katrina-related problems that we must address and our State’s budget situation is dire”, Creel stated.  Insurance that is both available and affordable; transportation improvements; adequate school funding, re-districting, and basic pocketbook issues are all problems that Creel believes needs to be addressed now.  To do this, to secure real solutions, takes experience and a working knowledge of how government works.  Jamie Creel believes he possesses these traits and he is ready to get “Back to Work”!

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