Live the Illusion IP’s Mystique

December 31, 2010
Are you ready for a journey into the mysterious and indescribable? An extraordinarily colorful place where illusion is king? Then you must become a part of Mystique at IP Casino Resort & Spa, December 31, 2010.
Mystique is defined as “a complex of somewhat mystical attitudes and feelings surrounding a person, activity or institution.” In other words, something which may or may not be what it appears to be, elusive, daring and unusual. New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2010 at IP will be just that —a night filled with Mystique!  IP Casino Resort & Spa makes headlines every year with THE most astonishing New Year’s Eve celebrations on the Gulf Coast. This year along with the headlines, IP is making history! And, there is something on every floor for every guest throughout the evening at IP’s Mystique!
For the very first time, the public is invited to purchase tickets to the hallmark celebration of the night in studio b beginning at 10pm. For just $35 per person ($45 at the door), transform yourself into the extraordinary and vivid world of Mystique and experience an exhilarating party atmosphere provided by famed New Orleans Party Band – The Nobles, the longest running party band in New Orleans. Formed in 1959 with an array of talented vocalists and musicians, The Nobles have opened for such headliners as Chicago, K C and the Sunshine Band, Smokey Robinson and more. And would you believe they started out as a garage band! With a song playlist that ranges from swing tunes of the 40’s to the hit music of today, The Nobles are sure to close out 2010 in spirited style. New Year’s Eve party favors and champagne at Midnight will also be provided.
Perhaps a touch of Las Vegas and the truest essence of Mystique is the way you want to ring in the New Year?  Then welcome in 2011 inside of Studio A with Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas – a showcase of the world’s best songstresses performed by way of incredible male impersonators. From Bette Midler to Britney Spears, Cher to Lady Gaga, this whirlwind of a production is loaded with energy and couture, and is a can’t believe, can’t miss extravaganza!  Showtime is 10:30pm and tickets start at just $35.
If the 80’s are more your style, then come and IGNITE the party in the IP Ballrooms with The Molly Ringwalds starting at 9pm. The legendary quintet comprised of Phillip, Devon, Liam, Dickie and Randi hail from Sheffield, England. They are the quintessential 80’s group, complete with wild and bright make-up, teased hair and tremendous talent. Tickets are just $35 in advance ($45 at the door) and include Party favors and complementary passed champagne at midnight.
Beginning at 8pm, partygoers can celebrate New Year’s Eve in energetic style with Rock, Funk and Soul powerhouse Groovy 7 in CHILL. The band boasts musicians who entered the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame before the age of 30—now that’s a feat in a town known for its Old School artists. Groovy 7 utilizes the latest in sound and lighting, thus creating a musical energy that will bring you to your dancing feet for every selection. For $25, your ticket is sure to be the envy of others.
Now all you have to do is make your reservations! Tickets for The Nobles, The Molly Ringwalds and Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas are all available online at,, or at the IP Casino, Resort & Spa Box Office on the second floor of the casino. Tickets for CHILL can be purchased at the venue beginning at 8pm.  (All guests for each event must be at least 21 years of age.  No refunds or exchanges permitted.)
IP’s Marketing team of expert event planners, theatrical designers, technicians, advertising and promotion pros starts mid-year, brainstorming about the biggest night of the year. At the helm is Bradley Rhines, Vice President Marketing & Casino Operations. For him, the fun is watching his team mull over the many creative ideas and options, colors, themes, entertainment possibilities. “I have great faith in our marketing team; they are talented and creative individuals,” says Rhines. “They come up with unique ideas every year to please our valued guests. I am always amazed at how the team develops and executes such intricate plans. What’s really a treat is how much of a crowd pleaser our productions always are!”
Ironically, the theme Mystique is the total opposite of the actual reality involved in executing it. Planning New Year’s Eve at IP is not just about confetti, hats, party favors and dancing.  Rhines turns to Melissa Radovich, Director of Marketing, for concepts and strategic ideas.  Radovich is keen on planning events which appeal to everyone who walks through IP’s doors. “In addition to concepts, production and overall strategy, we spend months coordinating every aspect to ensure these events provide a flawless, yet exciting, atmosphere for our guests. There is not a better feeling in the world than to watch our guests experience an event of a lifetime that they talk about for years to come. It takes a dedicated team to put this level of event together without a hitch and I am proud to work with the best team in the South.”
An essential, enthusiastic and energetic member of that team is Kristin Shirley, Special Events-Promotions Manager. Shirley has a larger than life responsibility in making Mystique a reality on December 31, 2010. Imagine decorating over 90,000 square feet of venues!  Needless to say, Shirley sets her gaze upon a major shopping expedition to get the job complete. “It requires a well outlined budget to pull this off,” explains Shirley.  “I am in constant contact with our vendors and all members of our team to determine costs, strategies and execution. Our dining experiences are superb at IP, so our award winning food and beverage staff is key to the evening’s festivities Shirley says she researches the entire southeast to bring in not only the best talent, but unique performers as well.  “The hardest part is keeping all the elements organized and within a structured time line since the deadline obviously cannot be changed. Because we make sure there is something here for everyone to enjoy, I sincerely believe IP is the very best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve.”
Weeks are spent in piecing the massive production together; hundreds of man hours are involved in set up alone.  The execution of each leg of the massive production which takes place hours on end throughout the entire property on December 31, 2010, is the Grand Finale.  Thousands file through the IP doors each New Year’s Eve…. Only this time, IP’s Mystique, promises the SUPER extraordinary and so much more.  Of course we must let everyone know how fabulous the holiday celebrations, shows, dining experiences and surprises are going to be and that remains in the hands of the IP artists, under the direction of Nancy Lewandrowski, Advertising Director. “Each year the Advertising Department is tasked with developing the printed materials that give a subtle and creative clue to what is in store for everyone at IP on New Year’s Eve. The artists contribute their creativity towards the artistry involved in developing the collateral materials that build the momentum towards one incredible night of the year. It’s definitely a challenge, but one we always welcome!”
Even though at every turn the night’s festivities are filled with surprises for IP guests, there are no surprises for President and General Manager, Jon Lucas. Not only has he been informed along the way, but he approves each detail, and Lucas is present and mingling with guests throughout the evening. “I really enjoy seeing our associates give the service on New Year’s Eve they have become known for throughout the year even with the huge number of guests on property,” says Lucas who values IP service above all else. “Of course, witnessing the  execution of New Year’s Eve after so many have worked so hard to make it happen is, like a parent watching their child perform—it’s a brilliant culmination!”

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