Nick & Nacks – Flea Market, Exchange & Cafe

Tracy and Nicky Ladner have brought a new business to Woolmarket that is creating quite a buzz. These owners have long been residents of the area and wanted to give back to the community they love so much. By opening Nick & Nacks Flea Market, Exchange & Café they now have the venue to assist local charities, local vendors and citizens.
“December is going to be a big month for us and our vendors. We have a big Christmas sale planned on December 17th and the vendor spaces are going fast. We purposefully are keeping our prices low for the booths and for our food in the café, so everyone can enjoy the Christmas season without having to go into debt. We even have a wholesale grocer on site as well as a fresh foods vendor”, Said Tracy. The roast beef is freshly prepared for the poboys and the Barq’s Root beer is in the bottle. What more does a local need to know? Nick & Nacks is filling a void in the community and deals and steals are found every weekend by shoppers.
The business grew out of the couple’s love of reusing, recycling and reselling. Nicky and Tracy have owned Coastal Mortgage Group since 2004 and have had AD&R Demolition since 2003. When Nicky found that his demolition crews were coming across literally tons of things that could be repurposed from demolition sites he began to think of a way to get these things to the public. “Nicky and I saw some very sought after items being ‘junked’ and just couldn’t stand the thought of all that waste”, said Tracy.
In addition to December being a great time to shop for Christmas, it has also been designated as Alziemers Charity Month at Nick & Nacks. January’s charity will be the Multiple Schlerosis Foundation and Februarys’ pick is the Cancer Society. The tradition of having part of the profits, from booth rentals and space fees, go to benefit a local charity is one that the owners plan to continue. “We will also have a bake sale whereby 100% of those profits will go toward the charity for the month”, said Tracy.
If you are a vendor then this is your lucky day! With booth/space fees so low at Nick & Nacks it will be easy for you to set up for one weekend or prepay for as long as you like. “Garage Sale Saturday” is every second Saturday of the month from 6a-5p and table set up fees are only $10 each!
Live Christmas trees are being brought in soon and Santa will make an appearance to take inexpensive photos. (Call for dates and times.)
If you are looking for antiques, Fleur de Lis items, wrought iron works or even toys and tools you cannot go wrong with a stop at Nick & Nacks. Plan to eat lunch, buy some fresh veggies for dinner and stroll around the vendor areas. Remember too that Tracy and her staff are there to assist you with any special requests and questions you need. There is an indoor, air-conditioned dining room where you can relax, read a book and have a great meal or a wonderful slice of key lime pie with coffee.
Nick & Nacks is located on Old Hwy 67 just half a mile or so north of the Woolmarket I-10 exit. Call 228-392-8832 for more information.
Shopping/Vendor Hours are Friday 11a-5p, Sat. 8a-5p, Sun 10a-4p
Café Hours are Tuesday-Sunday 8a-7p.

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