How to Have Polished & Defined Eyebrows

By Dawn Mattina

Our eyebrows are very important facial features. Eyebrows give us expression, and frame the face.  They also assist the lashes to help protect our eyes from dust and dirt. They can be beautiful and expressive…or they can be too heavy and lifeless. Many tend to ignore proper grooming and upkeep of the eyebrows, but when properly cared for…they can light up the face and make a world of difference in the way we look. 

The eyebrows are most often ignored in our grooming ritual. But they deserve proper time and attention.  However, there is a right way, and a wrong way…you must be very careful. Too much tweezing can thin them too much and sometimes they will not grow back!  It is best to visit your beauty care professional to have the job done correctly. But if you choose to do it yourself, just remember it requires patience, a keen eye, and a steady hand. The shape is most important.  Just be careful, take your time, and remember – more often than not…less is more.
For expressive, well-shaped brows:

1. Go to an experienced beautician to have them professionally shaped for you for the first time. Once the shape and line has been established, it will be easy for you to tweeze the brows yourself, to keep them neat and controlled.

2. Always use a pair of sanitized, clean and sharp, high quality tweezers when you neaten your brows.  Make sure to have a very firm grip on the tool. A very good brand is Venusworldwide.

3. Clean the brow area with some methylated spirit or astringent. It is not uncommon for redness to appear with some stinging because it is a very tender area.

4. Tweezing brows after a hot bath will open up the pores and it will hurt less.

5. Always tweeze the brow in the direction of its growth.

To complete the look, you can fill in the brows with specifically designed makeup. I do not recommend using a pencil to fill in because it can look too hard and artificial.  A good angled brush is key for best control.  It really makes a difference in the application when using professional make up brushes.  The last step is to set with brow powder. It makes the color and shape more defined. The difference between properly groomed eyebrows and those that are not, is like night and day!  The whole face looks brighter and the eyes appear larger.  Make regular eyebrow grooming an important part of your beauty routine. Remember to never neglect your brows!


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