10 Valentine Spa Tips For Couples How to Best Enjoy the Gift of Spa with your Valentine

Today, an increasing number of couples are looking at spas as the new event for spending quality time together.The double treatment room has become a standard feature at spas around the world.  As the spa becomes an accepted and desired refuge for quality “us” time, resort spas are ramping up the romance in time for Valentine’s Day.
For couples thinking of igniting the spark or rekindling the flame with a Valentine’s Day spa experience  – be it a simple one-hour treatment for two, a day at the spa or a out-of-town getaway.  The following 10 tips are to make sure that the experience doesn’t leave you or your significant other out in the cold.
1 Keeping in mind that most spas only have one room for administering side-by-side treatments, it’s extremely important to book early. Of course, two rooms is another option but it is hardly as romantic.
2  If you are a savvy spa-goer and this is the first time for your significant other, go easy. Stick with some of the more traditional treatments such as a basic massage, a facial, a manicure or pedicure.  Leave the wraps, scrubs and exotic signature treatments for a return visit.
3 Don’t wait until you arrive at the spa to let your preference for a male or female therapist be known.  The request should be made at time of booking. Keep in mind, however, that most spas cannot guarantee this type of request. As in any business, if someone calls in sick, there’s a lot of last minute scrambling.
4 If you’re booking a “couples” treatment room –  also referred to as a VIP suites or doubles room – ask for a description, better yet, look for images on the spa’s web site. While some are simply two side-by-side treatment rooms with an adjoining door, others can be quite elaborate with in suite fireplace, a double soaker tub or shower stall, a private patio or terrace and sensuous décor.
5 If you want to extend the treatment into a full experience ask if the spa can serve you lunch or dinner either after or between treatments. Ask if they have a private area where you can enjoy the meal.
6 Ask if the lounge is coed or if the sexes are segregated. If you’re looking forward to a sauna with your sweetie you’ll be disappointed if you end up eliminating your toxins with the girls while he is sweating it out with the boys because there is no coed sauna.  What about other facilities such as hot tub, whirlpool, swimming pool or gym?  Are they co-ed?
7 Bring a bathing suit. You’ll need it for the co-ed facilities.
8 If you’re planning an out-of-town spa getaway, ask yourself what’s important beyond the spa experience. Do you want gourmet cuisine, optional recreational activities, evening entertainment?
9 If your Valentine prefers manicured greens to the perfect pedicure, no problem. Many resorts have both spas and golf courses. Find one that offers both and you’ll make two people happy.
10 Spas at popular resorts tend to book up quickly. To avoid disappointment, book your treatments at the same time as you reserve your room

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