How To Throw a Green Barbeque

By Dawn Mattina

Nice weather is considered by many the best time to go out for a barbeque. Throw in some coals, prepare the meat on the grill, and make the most of a barbeque day. Barbequing may not be the greenest way of cooking, given the use of carbon-burning coal. However, you can still throw a green barbecue with just a few adjustments. With the use of coals and power saving appliances, you can certainly make a green get-together without the environmental guilt.
Do not use electric appliances.
Grilling is best done with charcoal or gas. Minimize the use of electricity, so that you can both cut costs and minimize your barbecue’s carbon footprint. Microwave ovens might be a reliable tool for defrosting, but doing it the natural way (by waiting a few hours for the meat to defrost) will help save on power.
Use alternative coals.
Charcoal might bring out great flavor from your barbecued food items. However, burning charcoal releases carbon into the environment. Try to use greener alternatives, instead, such as bio-fiber pellets. These are made from agricultural by-products and can burn as well as charcoals.
Observe grill safety. Make it a point that you have your grill cleaned before starting your barbecue. With a clean grill, you can expect less charring and better taste. Eating charred portions food results in the formation of free radicals which can be harmful to your body. Moreover, grilling the meat at excessive temperatures can be alarming as far as your health is concerned, as this is known to be carcinogenic. Instead, use low to medium temperatures when cooking.
Do not use plastic. Throwing a green barbeque revolves around being eco-friendly. Therefore, try to minimize or avoid the use of plastic. Serve the foods with washable plates and utensils. Or, you can use organic materials like banana leaves. Washable plates and utensils are readily available at home, so use them instead of plastic.
Go for organic foods. Serve the best organic foods you can get from your local market at your green barbeque. Supermarket and grocery stores also offer a wide range of organic foods. Fish is a great choice you can grill, instead of the usual meat. Organic foods use less pesticides and materials that can be harmful to the environment.
Include fruits & vegetables, Barbequing is not just about grilling meat. Add fruits and vegetables on the grill, to add more flavor to your main entree. Try grilling some onions with their skins on, and notice a big difference in the taste.
Making your activities greener or environment-friendly is very possible just as long as you consider minimizing wastage of energy and materials, and if you can switch to products and processes that minimize the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

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