Month: May 2011


The month of May we celebrate the joy and excitement of weddings!
This special edition of GTP is packed with valuable information for every bride and groom. Come with us to the beautiful South Beach Biloxi, where you can enjoy the ultimate in luxury at the only Coast hotel on the beach! We introduce you to the Rev. Linda Giardelli of Biloxi, who performs nondenominational ceremonies like no other. Our old friends at Paul’s Pastry Shop in Picayune show off their extraordinary wedding cakes, and we take you to the most beautiful places on earth for the perfect honeymoon.
Get to know the charming, charismatic Eugene Eash, front man and star of Coast stage productions and casino entertainment.
On a personal note, we are also celebrating the college graduations of two lovely young women: my daughter, Alexa from the University of Southern Mississippi, and Dawn Mattina’s daughter, Shayla from Mississippi State!
All this…and so much more!
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

Including Pets in the Wedding

By: Dawn Mattina
There are those couples who wouldn’t think of banning their favorite creature from their wedding, whether it is a dog, a cat, or a parakeet. They would rather drop one of their family members from the invitation list than their beloved pets. (more…)

The Wedding Cake Through History

By: Dawn Mattina
The tradition of serving cake at a wedding goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks. The newly wed couple would cut a sesame
seed cake together to symbolize fertility and happiness – it is from where we get our modern custom of cake cutting at a wedding. (more…)


By: Nancy Marchbanks
Linda Giardelli was born an intensely spiritual person who felt uniquely connected to God. She has always lived a very rich and full life but it was fraught with hardships and pain. As she navigated through her life, she found that she was drawn to a very unique path for a woman…Linda wanted to be a minister. When the moment was right, and everything fell into place, she followed her calling and became a minister of the Church of the Universal Brotherhood. Since her ordination, she has administered the sacrament of marriage to hundreds of loving couples. (more…)

Paul’s Pastry Shop Wedding Cakes

By: Nancy Marchbanks
Wedding cakes are expected to be beautiful. Wedding cakes are expected to be delicious.  But the wedding cakes prepared at Paul’s Pastry Shop in Picayune are also extraordinary works of art.  The talented cake decorators at Paul’s create magic, and make dreams come true.  Clients begin their experience in the Wedding Gallery, where expert coordinator, Tiiffany Wilson, presents all the elegant and divine choices available to the bride and groom.   (more…)

South Beach Biloxi Hotel & Suites

By: Nancy Marchbanks
This absolutely beautiful and unique property sat idle for a very long time. It was originally designed to be a Condominium development,consisting of two towers for a total of 326 units. The economic downturn made it impossible to follow through with the original plan, but developer, Ray Wooldridge, of R W Development, wasted no time in turning South Beach Biloxi into a very prosperous, high end hotel and tourist destination. (more…)

Showman Extraordinaire Eugene Eash

By Nancy Marchbanks
Eugene Eash exudes talent out of every pore. He is handsome, charming, and supremely gifted. The man is never idle, constantly juggling several projects at the same time – but he loves the challenge and excitement, and wouldn’t have it any other way. His passion is musical theater, specifically producing shows but he is also a performer and can do ANYTHING. He is the consummate entertainer – a musician (trumpet, piano, drums, guitar) singer, dancer, writer, choreographer, and commands a stage like few can. (more…)

10 Tips For Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Thinking of bringing your wedding into the beautiful outdoors, of dancing your first dance as husband and wife on a white sandy beach with the sun setting gently over the ocean behind you?  Here, to get you started on your wedding under the sun (or the stars), are the 10 Top Tips for planning your outdoor wedding: (more…)

All About Marriage Contracts

A marriage contract is a legally-binding document between two people.  The people involved can be either about to be married or may already be married to each other.  If you sign a document of this type before the wedding, it will take effect the day of the wedding. In the case of people who are already married, it will take effect immediately.  The contract contains a set of promises the couple makes to each other.  (more…)

Make Your Wedding a Unique and Truly Memorable Event

If you’ve been to one wedding, you’ve seen it all. From the flowers and the candles to the dress and the music, the typical wedding can be as predictable and generic as your Uncle Leo’s dance moves. For your wedding to stand out, you need to involve your guests in the sentiment and process of the day. It’s not the cake or the great food that will be remembered, but all the little details that will make your wedding as unique and memorable for your guests as it will be for you. These ideas on how to personalize your day will make it the event that will be talked about for years to come: (more…)

Alan Shepard – May 5, 1961

On May 5, 1961 Alan Shepard became the first American in space.  Shepard’s flight was part of Project Mercury, America’s first space program and the inaugural assignment of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  Although primitive by the standards of future programs, the Mercury missions were critical building blocks toward the goal of large-scale space exploration.
Project Mercury began in 1959 with the tasks of developing the ability to safely put humans into space, and successfully orbiting a manned spacecraft around the Earth. (more…)