Marriage Biker Style The 29th Annual Gulfport Memorial Day Blowout

By Nancy Baker Faul
If you are ready to ‘tie the knot’, and want to do it in a big way, there is a very special place waiting to welcome you. The 29th Annual Memorial Day Blowout at the Gulfport Dragway off Canal Road is where motorcycle enthusiasts can go to recite their vows to a crowd of thousands. Weddings are a unique attraction at the Blowout. Along with an entire weekend of fun, brides and grooms can spend their honeymoon in a tent on the site, at a camp ground designated for motor homes or stay at one of the many hotels nearby.
Wedding guests will be treated to a venue that covers over 100 acres filled with souvenirs, food vendors, huge racing events and tons of live music. “It’s probably one of the least expensive and most fun ways to get married that I have ever seen,” said ASGARD ‘Smokey’, founder of the ASGARD Motorcycle Club.  “The races are our biggest draw but I can almost guarantee that if a bride and groom ride up on a Harley, in full wedding dress, THAT is going to get some attention.”
“It would be like getting the reception nearly for free! We have everything the die-hard motorcyclist could want in a safe and exciting atmosphere. All the money goes to charity and we are accepting new toys at the gate to add to our toy run for Christmas in December. What a unique way to start a marriage!” said Smokey.
The cost to enter used to be $60 but with the economy in such bad shape the ASGARDS decided to lower the cost this year to $40 per person and only $20 on Sunday plus vehicle fees. The proceeds from the event are to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Mississippi and other charitable associations across the coast. President of the ASGARD Motorcycle Club, ASGARD ‘Easy’, is happy with the way things are shaping up for the event. “I am pleased with the willingness of our members to help whenever a charity is involved. These men and women have the biggest hearts in the world and they deserve to have an event like this where they can come and have a good time.”
There will be a Preacher from the Christian Motorcyclists Association on site that is licensed to perform the legal ceremony. The Reverend Stanley Beech requires that all prospective couples contact him directly to discuss the wedding details. “Weddings still need to be legally binding. The couple will need a blood test first and then they must provide a license. It is crucial that they coordinate with me to insure that everything is ready for them when they arrive. I will not just marry people who ride through the gate and want to get married. This will be a legal ceremony and will be spiritually binding in the eyes of God,” said Beech. Contacts can be made by calling Reverend Beech at 601-580-4488 or e-mailing him at
ASGARD Public Relations Representative, ASGARD ‘Curt’, can be reached through the club at 228-392-8281. Information for the event is posted at and
Gates open Friday at noon and vendor booths are still available by calling the ASGARD club house. The event is NOT recommended for children. Budweiser is a long time sponsor for the event and will have truckloads of beer brought in for the weekend.

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