Paul’s Pastry Shop Wedding Cakes

By: Nancy Marchbanks
Wedding cakes are expected to be beautiful. Wedding cakes are expected to be delicious.  But the wedding cakes prepared at Paul’s Pastry Shop in Picayune are also extraordinary works of art.  The talented cake decorators at Paul’s create magic, and make dreams come true.  Clients begin their experience in the Wedding Gallery, where expert coordinator, Tiiffany Wilson, presents all the elegant and divine choices available to the bride and groom.  
   Wedding cakes, and cakes designed specifically for the groom, can be made in any flavor with delectable fillings. The most popular flavor choices for today’s brides are almond, pineapple, and cream cheese.  Fruit fillings are always a favorite!  In order to assist in narrowing down the choices, Paul’s will host a cake tasting appointment  for the bride, so she gets exactly what she wants for her special day. Some couples arrive at Paul’s with lots of ideas, complete with pictures and detailed descriptions of what they want.  Others have no idea where to begin.  The Bridal department at Paul’s will attend to every detail, leaving nothing to chance.
   Owner, Sherri Thigpen, is a master of cake decoration. She and her gifted assistants can create literally anything your heart desires.  Over the years, they have had a few outlandish requests, but they never fail to deliver exactly what the client wants.  Imagine a groom’s cake that is an almost life size casket with a likeness of the groom inside, or how about  a huge replica of an oil rig that shot edible $50 and $100 bills up out of the top.  The Paul’s team has a limitless imagination, and they can make just about anything.  The colors are always vivid and true, and the cake will more than meet your expectations. “Please don’t hesitate to ask us for whatever you want.  We are willing to try anything  and we so appreciate you choosing us to make your wedding extra special,” Sherri said.
   The best plan is to meet with Tiffany at Paul’s Pastry Shop at least one month before your wedding.  Sometimes things happen very quickly though, and the bride and groom only have a week or a few days before they say “I do.”  Sherri and her team will do everything they can to have your dream cake ready.
   Today, there are so many gorgeous ways to adorn a wedding cake. Edible figures, flowers, pearls, and even crystal clear, colored gem stones!  Come in and see Tiffany and Sherri at Paul’s Pastry Shop in Picayune for an extraordinary  one of a kind groom’s cake and the wedding cake of your dreams.

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