By: Nancy Baker Faul
According to Travel Tweaks, an online travel site, the most popular honeymoon sites in the world are those rare locations where you and your new spouse can soak up the sunshine and take advantage of the scenery.
Hawaii tops the list and has long been a Mecca for honeymooners looking for fun in the sun. Travel agents have preplanned packages that can include meals, airfare and special events for Hawaii and the other destinations on the top ten lists.
Mexico can be a great place to find a beach atmosphere without having to fly. Easily reached by car or cruise ship, Mexico is surrounded by thousands of miles of white sand beaches with lots of activities, shopping and dining. Spas and resorts bring relaxation to a new level and ruins of ancient civilizations can be explored hand-in-hand with your new spouse.
The island-country of Saint Lucia also made the list with its lush rain forests and sugary sand beaches. Located in the eastern Caribbean near Barbados, Saint Lucia promises an experience that lends itself to a quieter, nature-filled way of life.
If you and your new spouse are drawn to nightlife at its finest, then you might want to consider the Bahamas.  The Bahamas are made up of 700 islands that are each unique and worth seeing at least once in your lifetime. The best way to enjoy these jewels of the Atlantic is by taking a cruise that will allow you to stay at least a few days.
Filled with resorts that cater to your every need, the Dominican Republic made the list, in part, because of one special island. Saona Island gives of the best of the Atlantic and Caribbean when you discover its wildlife, nature park and crystal clear lagoon.
For some honeymooners, Tahiti beckons their innermost being with visions of glistening, white beaches and palms that seem to touch the heavens. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the islands are still in an unexplored state in most places and can be a great way to have the best of both worlds. On the island of Bora Bora, quiet villages and rental huts that are built directly IN the water are a honeymooner’s paradise.
The adventurous soul will love the mountains of Fiji. Boat trips in the clear, sparkling waters offer couples a picturesque escape from the hum-drum life and usual honeymoon fare. This once-in-a-lifetime destination has some of the most accommodating and beautiful resorts in the world.
Next up on Travel Tweaks list is Venice. This is THE destination for lovers. Canals serve as roadways through the historic city and gondolas easily transport guests from one ancient building to another. The culture, artistry, famed cuisine and architecture are not to be missed.
Paris is still the city of lights and the city of lovers. A trip that includes a tour of the Eiffel Tower, breakfast on the Seine and a stroll through the streets at night can bring couples together in the most romantic of ways. Take a carriage ride under the lights at night or tour the Louvre’ as you take thousands of pictures surrounded by the bustling action.
Rounding out Travel Tweaks Top Ten List is Antigua. Located in Guatemala, the town offers a variety of shops, eateries and oddities not seen anywhere else in the world. Everything is framed by the towering mountains in the background and the colorful buildings lining the cobblestone streets.
For more information and photos visit the Travel Tweaks website at or see your local travel agent for details.

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