Month: June 2011


Oh Boy! Summer time is here again!  Let’s get out there and enjoy EVERYTHING the Mississippi Gulf Coast has to offer!  This issue of  GTP is all you need to know exactly what is going on in our beautiful beach resort vacation paradise. OMG! The fun and excitement is over the top!
The Mississippi Coast Coliseum Summer Fair is back with more free shows and more exciting rides than ever! And what says summer like a good old fashioned cook out and barbeque? Come enjoy the BBQ at the Beach Championship Cookoff on the grounds of the Coast Coliseum and Convention Center on June 12th. Yum!
When you have a gentleman who’s story is bigger than life, you simply can’t fit it all in just one issue. Our next two Movers and Shakers (June and July) will honor the extraordinary accomplishments of local promoter and businessman, Mr. Glenn Mattina Jr. Don’t miss this two part feature.
Join us as Taste Buds revisits “Stalla” in the Beau Rivage. They have made some big changes, and the Italian cuisine is better than ever.
Bay. St. Louis has a new neighbor in the Depot District that is serving up wonderful food, 50 kinds of bottled beer, and the best in live entertainment every weekend in French Quarter style.  Meet Nick and Sue Neyrey, the proud owners of The Fire House!
Be sure and check out all our info on the wonderful things there are to see and do during the month of June.
Ya’ll Have fun and don’t forget a hat and the sunscreen!
All This…And So Much More
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum 25th Annual Summer Fair

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum 25th Annual Summer Fair

By Nancy Marchbanks

Beginning on Thursday, June 9, the grounds of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum will be a showplace of family fun and outstandling entertainment. Enjoy a wonderful line up of FREE shows that are going to thrill audiences throughout each day and night. The Summer Fair will run for eleven full days, and it is packed with excitement and fun for for all ages. (more…)

The BBQ at the Beach Championship Cookoff

The BBQ at the Beach

By Nancy Marchbanks

On Sunday, June 12th, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center will host the BBQ at the Beach Championship Cookoff, presented by CableOne and Miller Lite. It is the second year for this wonderful culinary event to celebrate everyone’s all time favorite style of preparing lip smackin, sauce slathered, grilled to perfection meats. (more…)

The Battle of Normandy

By: Dr. Trevor Smith
In 1944, during World War II, American General Dwight D. Eisenhower directed five Allied assault divisions that landed on the beaches of Normandy, France. Known as D-Day, this event was history’s greatest naval invasion. It is considered by historians to be the most significant single action in the European theater of the war, and its success ensured the Allied victory. (more…)