The Mississippi Coast Coliseum 25th Annual Summer Fair

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum 25th Annual Summer Fair

By Nancy Marchbanks

Beginning on Thursday, June 9, the grounds of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum will be a showplace of family fun and outstandling entertainment. Enjoy a wonderful line up of FREE shows that are going to thrill audiences throughout each day and night. The Summer Fair will run for eleven full days, and it is packed with excitement and fun for for all ages.
Most people don’t want to cozy up to snakes but the Dave Richardson’s West Texas Rattlesnake Show will introduce you to these remarkable creatures and teach you a thing or two about their behavior and how to deal with an encounter. Did you know that these animals are quite common right here in South Mississippi? Don’t miss this fascinating exhibition.
What is more popular than dancing these days. This delightful form of artistic expression is at an all time high. The Mississippi Coast Coliseum Summer Fair will proudly present “Street Beat.” This high energy and wonderfully imaginative urban rhythm dance troupe will take your breath away as they make incredible music with garage sale junk and old discarded household items. These talented, innovative performers will amaze you!
The Tanzania Acrobats will put on a show you will never forget, with their astounding physical abilities. Eight performers will blow your mind as they do the impossible right before your eyes! You will be shocked and in total disbelief as you watch this phenomenal performance.
Returning to the line up of favorite “inside” family fun this year is Game Hype. The very best video game systems will be available for non stop excitement and big screen competition play. Come by, grab a controller and get down to business. Sports games and guitar favorites will make for a great way to chill out awhile and escape those hot summer temperatures. Game Hype will be inside the lobby of the arena.
The Mid Way will keep the everyone happy with twenty seven rides. For those that need that adrenalin rush, there are plenty of rides that guarantee big screams and holding on for dear life. There is also a great selection of rides that are perfect for little kids and grandma and grandpa. The petting zoo is always a delightful feature of the Summer Fair and you will also have the opportunity to marvel at the largest steer and horse in captivity for a small fee!
Toddlers have a very special place to enjoy at the Fair, created just for them. The Family Fun Tent is filled with Little Tikes toys, a sand box and a coloring station. It is the perfect respite for little ones while big brothers and sisters are out on the Mid Way or if they just need some quiet tiime away from the crowds. And to help with the hot summer sun – the wonderful “walk through” Mist Tent gently shoots down cool water on guests for a refreshing pause.
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