Month: July 2011


Human trafficking is a very real problem on the Gulf Coast. In our exclusive cover story, GTP takes you deep inside this very dark and frightening world. Some of the most unspeakable acts of violence and crime have become a way of life for young immigrants arriving in America, often with no escape. Learn the appauling truth of what is happening right here…right now in our shocking report.
   You won’t want to miss Part 2 of our visit with Glenn Mattina. In the second installment, Glenn delves into the world of Mixed Martial Arts and starts Atlas Fights Company!
   Taste Buds introduces you to a brand new Vegan restaurant in Gulfport!  “Good Karma” is a wonderful little eatery with fresh from the farm fruits and vegetables arriving daily for aromatic and flavorful lunchtime dishes you won’t find anywhere else.
And come away with us to the Great Smokey Mountains for a summer vacation that will thrill every member of the family.
All This…And So Much More
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

D’Iberville’s Next Attraction The OCEAN EXPO

The salient features of Ocean Expo will include: marine mammal shows, aquarium exhibits, aviary with free flying birds, butterfly exhibit, reef tank with sharks and stingrays, touch pools, interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations, and a 3-D theater. One of the attractions will be the snorkeling river. Patrons will be able to swim in this recreation of coastal shallows as it winds and snakes its way through the Ocean Expo complex. It will house dozens of aquatic animal and plant species that will be just waiting to be discovered. Visitors to Ocean Expo will have access to picnic areas, a rainforest restaurant, gift shops, and harbor tours. We foresee Ocean Expo to be an interactive facility with a lot of activities that patrons can touch, feel, and experience. (more…)

Mr. Glenn Mattina Jr. Part 2

By: Nancy Marchbanks
In 2004, Glenn opened yet another door of opportunity to his entertainment career. “Mattina Entertainment Company” promoted a fight at the  Beau Rivage Casino Resort featuring five time world champion boxer, Hector “Macho” Camancho. “If it had not been for some of the wrong choices I made in years past, I would have never been able to meet, let alone promote Hector in 2002,” Glenn said. He had spent time in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and while he was there he became acquainted with a family member of Hector’s, “Rau” from Puerto Rico. The two became friends while they served as catholic chaplain orderlies for mass each Sunday. Rau was anxious for Hector to get in touch with Glenn, when he found out he was a promoter on the Gulf Coast. (more…)

Good Karma Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant

By: Nancy Baker Faul
If you love the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, Good Karma is for you. Recently opened at 412-C Pass Road, the quaint diner serves food in a brand new way. When guests arrive they are immediately given herbal tea, a bowl of soup called ‘Dahl’ and a fresh salad. All the ingredients in the dishes served have been grown especially for the restaurant in ISKCON New Talavana in Carriere, Mississippi. ISKCON New Talavana is a farm, and the Krishna Temple is part of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. (more…)

Modern-Day Slavery: Alive and Thriving on the MS Gulf Coast

By: Ann Washburn
The allure is simple – Summer jobs and internships in the USA with mid-sized companies seeking bookkeepers, engineers, welders, and registered nurses. For college students and ambitious young foreign nationals, a single summer in the United States will net enough income to pay for their entire college education, or provide a comfortable life for their families for a year or more. It’s the dreamy opportunity that lures many into slavery and bondage every year around the globe… including on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. (more…)

The Great Smokey Mountains

By: Nancy Baker Faul
There is nothing like fresh mountain air to fill your lungs and warm your heart. Beach vacations are wonderful but when the family craves something new, the Smokey Mountains are the place to be. No pretentiousness, no giant expansions of concrete and steel to spoil the majesty of the towering mountain ranges and deep, luscious valleys. Take a ride along the Appalachian Trail, visit the Daniel Boone National Forrest or ride your motorcycle through ‘the Dragon’. No matter what you choose to do in these mountains it is an adventure. Just DON’T FEED THE BEARS! (more…)

The 2nd Annual NPC Power Shack Classic

By: Nancy Marchbanks
For those of you who attended the first Power Shack Classic, you know it couldn’t have been bigger or badder or more insane. It was such a success, that plans for the second Power Shack Classic kicked into high gear almost immediately following the premiere event!  On Saturday, July 30th, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum will be bursting at the seams once again, with so much rippling, chiseled, sculpted, strapping male and female musculature, that it just may be too much to take!  From beginning to end, The 2nd Annual Power Shack Classic will be a competition like no other. The most amazing, Herculean specimens of humankind will strut their stuff for all to see and you’ve GOT to be there! (more…)

Mississippi Ballot Initiatives Part I: Eminent Domain

By Melody Worsham
In November, Mississippians will be looking at a very lengthly ballot. We will be voting for Governor and several other state officers, including Treasurer and Attorney General. We will also be choosing our U.S. representatives and senators. What Mississippi’s voters do not always get to do is vote on changes to the state’s constitution by placing them on the ballot. This year, on November 2nd, we will have the opportunity to vote on three ballot initiatives: Eminent Domain, Voter ID, and the Definition of Personhood. In the first part of this three-part series, the issue of Eminent Domain is the topic. (more…)

Vicksburg Falls

By: Dr. Trevor Smith
In 1863, during the Civil War, the Union captured the city of Vicksburg, and also defeated a Confederate army at the Battle of Gettysburg. These two events were crushing blows to the South’s ability to fight the North. Although the war continued for almost two more years, July 1863 marked a clear turning point after which the South could no longer expect to with the war militarily. (more…)