The 2nd Annual NPC Power Shack Classic

By: Nancy Marchbanks
For those of you who attended the first Power Shack Classic, you know it couldn’t have been bigger or badder or more insane. It was such a success, that plans for the second Power Shack Classic kicked into high gear almost immediately following the premiere event!  On Saturday, July 30th, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum will be bursting at the seams once again, with so much rippling, chiseled, sculpted, strapping male and female musculature, that it just may be too much to take!  From beginning to end, The 2nd Annual Power Shack Classic will be a competition like no other. The most amazing, Herculean specimens of humankind will strut their stuff for all to see and you’ve GOT to be there!
A portion of all proceeds for every ticket sold will go to the Humane Society of South Mississippi, which is very cool. The good folks at the Power Shack in Biloxi are delighted to partner with the Humane Society for the well being of all the animals in Coast shelters. Kids are always welcome to accompany adults, and children under 5 are free!  The excitement begins at 9:00 AM with the Prejudging event, and the Evening show starts at 6:00 PM sharp. I highly recommend you take in both, this is extraordinary family fun…a no holes barred spectacle. The first Power Shack Classic was touted as the largest NON-Qualifier in the South, which is an incredible accomplishment for the first time out of the box.
Mr. and Mrs. Branch Warren will once again thrill spectators with a special appearance. Branch Warren recently won the coveted “Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic” which is one of the most prestigious titles in Bodybuilding. World Class Bikini model and athlete, Jenna Webb, will grace the stage with her beautiful physique and if that wasn’t enough, a “Special Mystery Guest Athlete” will join the impressive line up!  MMA fighting legend, Alan Belcher is also expected to join the guest list. Enjoy a very special performance as these remarkable champions perform their individual routines on stage during the Evening Show. Come and meet your favorite bodybuilding stars!
Athletes from all over the country participate in this incredible event. Registrants hail from our beloved Mississippi, as well as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, and even California! And the list of competitors range in age from teens to over 50 years old…they all want a shot at bringing home the magnificent sculpted trophies. This year, two of the most dedicated individuals to the sport will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. A brand new division has also been added, “The Men’s Physique.” If you think you’ve got the goods, all you need is a pair of board shorts to compete! Men will be judged on overall appearance, stage presence and charisma.
Sample an array of the latest product innovations as Vendor booths will offer the best of everything for the dedicated bodybuilder. Major sponsors of the 2nd Annual NPC Power Shack Classic are: ABB, Redefine Nutrition, Cytosport, Muscle Tech, VPX, Gaspari and Universal Nutrition. Bodybuilding continues to increase in popularity and this is a very exciting time to be a part of the ride. Men and women alike are striving to achieve physical perfection through specialized diet and targeting muscle development. They come from all walks of life with a unique drive, discipline and dedication that few possess.  Do YOU have what it takes?
As the day progresses, the anticipation and electricity in the air builds…you can feel it.  Who will be the 2011 Overall NPC Power Shack Classic Champion?  Which competitor will WOW the judges with the Olympian physique to be envied by all?  You can be right there, front and center to witness every titillating, spine tingling minute of the competition.  Visit the official website for more information @

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