Month: September 2011


Hello Readers!
Thank you for joining us again this month – it’s great to have you!
I always think of September as the gateway or prelude to some of the best Gulf Coast fun and entertainment. GTP will keep you up to date and well informed so that you don’t miss a thing.  In the meantime, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to two very special gentlemen. These guys are such an asset to our community, and make a world of difference in their chosen professions as well as in their charitable endeavors.
  Our exclusive cover story pays homage to Jeff Bes, who is the highly decorated, dynamic new head coach of our Mississippi Surge. This Canadian native is ready to settle in and will no doubt be a wonderful leader and mentor to his team, as well as a stellar member of the Coast community.
We honor Gulfport restaurateur, Rob Stinson, as our Mover and Shaker this month. His commitment to the Coast and years of hard work has garnered him ownership of multiple thriving restaurants in the area, as well as a brand new special event center. You certainly are familiar with his wonderful restaurants…now get to know the man.
Terrifically talented, Coast artist, John Mayes visited with GTP recently. He is in great demand and would certainly flourish in a big metropolitan city, but John says he will never leave the quiet, gentle life style he found here with his wife and children.
All This…And So Much More
P.S GTP would like to wish our friend, Eric Zala, great success in his new job in Los Angeles!  Congratulations Eric!
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor


Rob Stinson came to the Coast with a wealth of experience and talent in the restaurant business. He began as a bus boy and dishwasher, having always worked in restaurants. After graduation, he moved to New Orleans in order to pursue a career in the Culinary Arts. His original intention was to go to medical school. He came from a family of doctors and it was expected that he would follow in their footsteps. While attending Tulane University however, he discovered that he was on the wrong career path and would not be fulfilled in medicine. During college, Rob landed a job at the famous Broussard’s in the French Quarter. “New Orleans was the mecca for food, and that is how it all started. Working at Broussard’s changed the course of my life,” Rob said.
  While in New Orleans, Rob was presented with opportunities that would make any Culinary Arts student green with envy. He was in his mid 20’s when he trained under Cordon Bleu Chef, Gerard Thabuis, who had served as the Chef for Charles DeGaulle in France. Rob was also trained under the tuteledge of renowned Creole Chef, Nathaniel Burton. “Chef Gerald recognized my passion and desire to learn everything I could and he knew how much I loved cooking. He was very hard on all the other students, but he and I became best friends,” Rob said. He traveled with Chef Thabuis to France and learned first hand about the beauty and elegance of French food, and the importance of presentation. Chef Burton taught Rob about Creole dishes, and how to achieve the robust, rich flavors that are synonymous with that style of cooking. (more…)

Sponsor A Life Humane Society of South Mississippi

You have the chance to truly make a difference in the life of ONE homeless pet on the Gulf Coast…and it only takes $26.09.
The power of ONE is not to be underestimated. Each ONE pet has a story. Each ONE pet deserves a loving home. Each ONE pet needs someone, starting with you, who will take an interest in him or her.
If you agree to help just ONE pet now, it can result in more than ever before. How? HSSM is one of only 50 shelters nationwide that is competing in the ASPCA $100K Challenge. The Challenge is to see which of these shelters can save the most number of lives from August 1-October 31. The shelter that saves the most lives will win a $100,000 grant to fund lifesaving programs! (more…)

Lookout Steakhouse

When it’s fine dining you crave, but your wallet just won’t support your palette, look no further than the new Lookout Steakhouse, located at 1301 26th Avenue in Gulfport. The latest venture for Gulf Coast Restaurants, LLC. Lookout is an impeccable blending of the old and the new. Located in a building, that once housed the First National Bank of Hancock and Harrison, the dining room is full of ambiance and style. Three huge pieces of the buildings original 1908 Warner Elevator are artfully used in the decidedly rustic décor. The brick walls and well-placed ironwork bring the flavor of turn of the century banking into focus. (more…)

Introducing Jeff Bes, the New Head Coach of the Mississippi Surge

Jeff Bes grew up in the beautiful city of Tillsonburg, Ontario. He was wearing ice skates from the moment he took his first steps. Hockey is the national sport of Canada, and Jeff never needed a push to play. He took to the sport like a duck to water. His inspiration came from his father and uncle who were both fine players in the minor league. On any given day Jeff was shooting pucks downstairs in the basement, or he was spending every possible moment at the local hockey rink. “I was a rink rat – Always watching the games, shooting pucks, and hoping to get that broken stick used in the game or catch the puck that flew over the glass. I have loved everything about hockey since I was a kid,” Jeff said. (more…)

John B. Mayes: Art Creates Culture

When local artist, John Mayes, begins a new project, it’s like an intense game of cat and mouse. Mayes turns and manipulates his creations with the skill of a surgeon and the soul of a poet. When I visited his studio in d’Iberville, I was met with the smells that all artists know. The scents of fresh sawn wood, heated raw metal, plaster and sweat mixed with paint permeated the tiny shed where Mayes brings the impossible to life. From a few small pieces of leftover counter top corian the artist quickly turns out a sculpture of undersea life that is bound for a wealthy client’s private gallery. (more…)

5 Ways To Make A Difference In Your Community

If you really want to make a difference right here at home, there are several ways you can do so!  Keep track of what is going on in your community and if issues arise, perhaps you can be the one to find a solution. Be active!  Have a voice!
1. Volunteer
The opportunities to volunteer in your community can be varied. For example, you can volunteer to help at your house of worship, the community library, or at hospitals or nursing homes located in or near your community. All of these places need volunteers, and some of them rely very heavily on them to “take up the slack” when necessary.