Mariners Village An Optimal Health Community

Mariners Village is the new hot spot to live on the gulf coast. The entire complex is lavish and upscale in all its amenities but low on the price scale. The rents start at a mere $650 with water included. Granite counter tops, crown molding, energy star appliances and top of the line flooring and accessories bedeck every apartment. Residents can add Basic cable and HBO for only $45 per month.
This beautiful development is the brainchild of local property guru, Dr. John McKee, who asked us to refer to him by his nick name “Day”, and his wife, Dr. Shawn McKee. Mariners Village is a long awaited dream-come-true for both of them. “We have partnered with Louis Wolfson, a well known philanthropist, of Pinnacle Housing in South Florida. Pinnacle is the 7th largest developer in the United States and we wanted the best to work with us on this project. It has truly been a labor of love for us,” Dr. “Day” said.
The McKee’s had begun buying real estate in the 90’s and targeting the ‘working-class’ type housing. They wanted the opportunity to provide well outfitted and upscale housing for the work-force family on the coast. After Hurricane Katrina damaged and destroyed all of their properties in the area they were sent relief supplies from Eduardo Stern, a friend and developer in Florida. The McKee’s then partnered with Dr. Al McNair.
Today, the group of professionals has been diligently toiling away to bring the safest, most affordable and most luxurious housing to the coast that money can buy. Mariners Village is the culmination of all these great minds (and large wallets) coming together to benefit those still reeling from the effects of the storm. “This is known as an Optimal Health Community. We understand that there are still many families that are trying to pick up the pieces from that fateful day and ones that are having a hard time in today’s economy. We wanted to give them an opportunity to upgrade their lives in style. This complex runs on a community mentality. There is a playground with cushioned surfaces, Vita course for working out, poll, ping pong, even a common gathering area for families with an Xbox360-Kinect and a huge television. There is even a beach volleyball area! It’s all about families, singles, old and young being neighbors, getting healthy and having the resources right where they live to connect and really enjoy their surroundings,” Dr. “Day” said.
One of the most fascinating amenities is the huge kitchen and meeting area. Residents will be able to “book” the kitchen and dining area for FREE to throw parties, hold cooking and crafting classes, present lectures and have meetings. From Boy Scouts to senior quilting bees, the kitchen and room adjoining it are free for the residents to use as long as they clean up and follow the rules. The rooms and kitchen are for rent to non-residents.
Local artists were chosen to help capture the vision of what Mariners Village is all about. Greg Moran, a local sculptor and painter, was selected to create a decidedly ‘coastal’ sculpture for the grounds of the complex. Unveiling of the sculpture and grand opening ceremonies were held on August 18, 2011.
Better health through housing is not a new concept but it is different than what most developers do in this area of the country. With its computer center, lounge area with televisions, picnic spots and covered bus stop one would think that the developers would be done adding amenities to the deal. Well, not this bunch! Listen closely. Mariners Village even accepts Section 8 vouchers and some apartments are based on income!!! And you thought only rich folks could afford to live in luxury!

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