During the month of October, citizens of Mississippi are preparing to elect the new Governor of our state. There is much to consider as we head to the polls in November. We must make it a point to know what each of the candidates stand for. It is imperative that we understand both the Republican and the Democratic platforms, and we must take this election very seriously as the future of Mississippi hangs in the balance.
Both Phil Bryant and Johnny Dupree are charismatic men with a wealth of experience in public service. Both are deeply committed to the welfare of Mississippi, and genuinely care about the people who live here. I was honored to speak with the Democratic candidate, Mayor Johnny Dupree, and with Lt. Governor, Phil Bryant, the Republican candidate, during the height of their respective campaigns for the Gubernatorial seat. Haley Barbour has been a good and loyal friend to Gulf Coast residents as well as a highly respected leader throughout his term in office. What will Lt. Governor Phil Bryant, and Mayor Johnny Dupree bring to the table…how will they lead?  Don’t miss our very special and informative cover story.
How were the political parties formed in America?  We will tell you all about it in this edition of Go To Places Monthly. Also, be sure and take our fun and thought provoking political party quiz, the results may really surprise you!
In addition, come dine with us at Salute’ in Gulfport. This wonderful family restaurant offers the very best in authentic Italian cuisine. Read all about it in Taste Buds.
All this…And so much more!
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

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