Day: November 2, 2011


It is my custom to welcome you and present a brief look at our content each month. I have decided to break away from my usual introduction, and focus solely on our November cover story.
Please give this article your undivided attention. It is about REAL women and children living in South Mississippi who are caught in world of pain and suffering that is beyond comprehension. Special guest correspondent, Ann Washburn, joins us once again for an unprecedented look into this Tabu subject.
Perhaps YOU can help save lives and help break the cycle. GTP urges you to be more aware of those around you, to watch for signs that indicate someone is in a subservient position or that they are fearful or unusually nervous. Human trafficking is alive and well on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  We must not ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist…we must choose to do something about it.    Thank you.
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

UPDATE: Indictments Filed on Local Slave Ring!

In September 8th, a federal indictment against Michael V. Lombardi was issued for the trafficking of foreign nationals at a Biloxi casino and in Purvis, Ms.  The 3 count indictment states that Lombardi committed fraud and made false statements concerning foreign workers who were brought to the United States on legally obtained work visas regarding where and for whom they would work.  The indictment states that the workers were recruited under false pretenses.  In a civil lawsuit won by the victims earlier this year, it was established that their passports were confiscated, and some were forced to work bailing pine straw for less than $3 per hour, and living in a run-down trailer with no running water.  Others were sent to an upscale Biloxi resort hotel to work as maids for less than $4.75 per hour, and given quotas of cleaning 11 rooms per day. (more…)

Christmas City

In Nov. 12 and 13, the Mississippi Coast Convention Center will once again be transformed into Christmas City!  Thousands of shoppers will enjoy a wonderland of Christmas magic, while they search for that perfect gift for family and friends.  Ron Meyers has produced the Christmas City Gift Show for the past 28 years. It is an event that locals and visitors look forward to year after year. It has also become a Gulf Coast holiday tradition.   (more…)


There are few things as delightful as strolling through the picturesque streets of downtown Ocean Springs during the Peter Anderson Festival. It is one of the best loved events in South Mississippi year after year, and people flock to it in record numbers. The city rolls out the red carpet, and plays host to some of the most talented craftsmen and artisans anywhere. Throughout downtown, they display their wares and happily chat with everyone that stops by for a look. You never know what special treasure you might find at the Peter Anderson Festival for yourself or someone you love. There are literally thousands of beautiful and unique items, as well as one-of-a-kind pieces of art that would be the ultimate focal point for your home or garden. (more…)

Get A Deal On Black Friday

Our easy guide below offers 10 steps on how to get a bargain on Black Friday. We will show you how to get an edge on your Black Friday 2011 shopping by telling you the sites to visit, offering tips on how you can plan your blackfriday shopping, and even showing you how you can shop online to get what you want without having to stand in line at the store! (more…)


Horses are among the most beautiful creatures on this earth, however they are also quite huge and extremely powerful. They all have different personalities, just like people. It takes a keen sense of awareness as well as great concentration to take control of of a horse and compete in the ring. The 15th Equine Event for Special Olympics will feature remarkable young adults who love to ride and are very comfortable being high in the saddle. The event was conceived by local businessman, Lenwood “Lenny” Sawyer, who seventeen years ago added a stable to his country estate on Country Farm Road in Gulfport. His dream was to give back to the community through his horses. He decided to begin a Special Olympic riding program for South Mississippi residents. Sawyer asked his good friend and trusted employee, Pete Crane, to help him implement his idea. Pete was well versed in working with horses. It was agreed that they would work together and give it a try. In 1996 everything was established and ready to go. Pete Crane is the Equine Director for the Mississippi Special Olympics Area 3. Area 3 consists of Harrison, Stone, Hancock, Pearl counties. (more…)


Energy prices are on the rise across the nation. As a result, heating costs will consume an increasingly larger portion of a household’s energy budget. That’s why it’s important to check your home to insure that your heating dollars aren’t being wasted.
When cold weather approaches, use this checklist of simple ways to make your home more comfortable and keep those escalating energy bills at bay. (more…)