Get A Deal On Black Friday

Our easy guide below offers 10 steps on how to get a bargain on Black Friday. We will show you how to get an edge on your Black Friday 2011 shopping by telling you the sites to visit, offering tips on how you can plan your blackfriday shopping, and even showing you how you can shop online to get what you want without having to stand in line at the store!
Every year we promise ourselves that next year our holiday shopping won’t be a stressful experience and we won’t overspend. This may seem impossible, but it’s really not. There are many things you can do to make your holiday shopping less stressful, easier, and more successful. Read ahead for ten tips you can use to make this your best holiday shopping experience ever.
Ten Tips for a Successful Black Friday Shopping Experience
Step 1
About a month prior to Thanksgiving, Black Friday ads will begin appearing online. Go to sites such as,, and to get an early sneak peak of these circulars. All the ads will be posted on these sites as soon as they come out. Check back weekly for updates or sign up for the updates by providing you email address.
Step 2
Make a list of everyone you need to purchase a gift for. Use Excel to make a spreadsheet where you list the person, ideas for gifts and then a column for you to fill in with what you actually purchase. That way you’re completely organized, won’t miss anyone and won’t forget what you thought about getting them. If you would like you can make an additional column and fill in where the items you wish purchase are sold or where you will likely buy them from.
Step 3
Look for in-store coupons online by going to all your favorite stores’ websites. Sign up for the email newsletter alert. You will get a weekly alert on upcoming sales, new products and the what you really want, coupons. All you have to do is print out the coupon and take it to the store with you. It’s as valid and good as any other coupon.
Step 4
There are items that extremely good deals called “doorbusters” or “early bird specials.” These can be marked down as much as 80% or might be an item that is hardly ever on sale. Computers for instance go on sale, but hardly ever for more than 25% off. On Black Friday they can be marked down as much as 45-50%. Make a list of all the items that are doorbusters because these sell out right away so if you really want them you have to be at the store when it opens. Actually for some stores, like Best Buy, you have to be there even earlier because the lines are down the block.
Step 5
Get discounts on all your online shopping by visiting a couple coupon code sites and searching for your retailer. Try and as sites where you can find all sorts of discounts on these sites such as free shipping, a percentage off your purchase or a certain amount of dollars off if you spend a certain amount. Simply find your retailer and scroll down through all the current codes. Type the code of numbers and letters in when you check out online and you’ll save some money. This is especially nice when you can get free shipping because then it’s like shopping in the store only easier and more convenient.
Step 6
On Thanksgiving night after you have dinner skip the pumpkin pie and dessert. Instead go online and start shopping. Many retailers will start their Black Friday online shopping early and some even have doorbuster items online at midnight. Get in there early and get the stuff you want.
Step 7
If you have a lot of items you desire from several different stores it may be impossible to hit them all when the stores are spaced apart and they open at around the same time. So, enlist a friend. Perhaps your friend wants to hit the same stores as you or plans on going to such and such store. You can split up the work and get all the good items as a team. One will go one place and the other to another store.
Step 8
Whether shopping online or at the mall, don’t assume you can return something that you change your mind about or something that arrives damaged. Find out if you can return the item and whether you can get your money back or only store credit. Keep in mind that some merchants will not take back some items, such as CDs once they have been opened. You gotta find out specifically what the return policy is for each item and write it on your receipt or in your notebook next to the gift list.
Step 9
If you wait until the last minute the merchandise will be picked over. The color or size you need may be out of stock with not enough time to order exactly what you need before the holidays. Merchants know that last-minute shoppers are desperate to find a gift and you’ll usually pay a higher price for popular items than if you shop before the holiday rush starts. If you shop early and your order happens to arrive damaged, you’ll have time to send it back for another or replace it with something else before the holidays.
Step 10
If you didn’t get all your shopping done already between online store and hitting the Black Friday trail you can still get some fabulous deals on Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Online retailers have fabulous deals and free shipping to get the last of your needs squared away. Finish your shopping online and then you’ll still have lots of time to begin the wrapping process. Good luck!
Lots of people dread holiday shopping. With so many people to buy for and limited amounts of free time every year thousands of shoppers find themselves stressed, hating the holiday season and completely broke. It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to go broke to show people you care about them and if you know a couple tricks you can cut down your shopping time so much that you can easily complete it in the span of a few days. How is that possible you ask? Easy, it’s a combination of online shopping and going out the day after Thanksgiving known as Black Friday. Above are some tips which will hopefully make your shopping this season a breeze and save you tons of money.

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