It is my custom to welcome you and present a brief look at our content each month. I have decided to break away from my usual introduction, and focus solely on our November cover story.
Please give this article your undivided attention. It is about REAL women and children living in South Mississippi who are caught in world of pain and suffering that is beyond comprehension. Special guest correspondent, Ann Washburn, joins us once again for an unprecedented look into this Tabu subject.
Perhaps YOU can help save lives and help break the cycle. GTP urges you to be more aware of those around you, to watch for signs that indicate someone is in a subservient position or that they are fearful or unusually nervous. Human trafficking is alive and well on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  We must not ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist…we must choose to do something about it.    Thank you.
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

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