Bayou View Fitness Center

Happy 1st Anniversary! Bayou View Fitness Center is not your run-of-the-mill gym where crowds of people occupy the machines just when you want to use them. This place is like having your own personal workout facility in your own home. The machines are all top notch Matrix and brand new. Even the towel service uses only the best towels money can buy. The atmosphere is inviting without being too over-the-top and even the water is specially filtered and eliminates any unsavory flavors or pathogens.
This is the first elite fitness center on the Coast that provides each member with a personal trainer as soon as they hit the door. The trainers are not part of your membership fee but are available to you if you choose to have one. Your workout is geared to your specific needs and likes as well as to what your body can physically endure. Whether you are recovering from surgery or just trying to take off a few extra pounds after the holidays, manager Stephen DeFazio and his team will get you started on the right path. They are all Certified Personal Trainers. In this ultra-private setting, you can work with top professionals that treat you like royalty and actually listen to what you have to say.
When you join as a new member, you get three comp training sessions, a $135 value, at no cost. This is a new level of service that focuses on total body wellness and fitness. They offer exercise therapies, sports fitness, diabetic wellness and motor skill therapy as well as heart disease therapy. No matter your reason for needing or wanting to join a gym, this is the one that will be totally committed to you and your overall health.
Owners, Joff Clarke and Glynn Illich, have put every amenity into their new venture with a focus on an upscale experience that can’t be found anywhere else on the Coast. You will always get a little extra here. “We wanted to serve the community through wellness and fitness without being just another cookie-cutter facility. Our clients are the most elite on the Coast and they know that we are a very classy and private operation that is never stuffy. These folks like their anonymity and we cater to that. The state of the art security and surveillance system allows our clients a stress free workout anytime they choose to come in. We’re open 24/7 and our necklace monitors and private key entry insures privacy and safety,” Clarke said. One client said, Other gyms are just big box stores but Bayou View Fitness is the Neiman Marcus of facilities! Youth programs start in 2012 and Group Fitness Classes are available until December 23rd with more to come next year.
When you’re fit, your body and mind work better and you feel better. For as little as $1.08 per day, with a one year membership, you can have your own private fitness facility complete with all the amenities. Bayou View Fitness Center is located at 1116 Cowan Road Suite E in Gulfport. Visit their websites at or If you’re serious about getting in shape, call Joff, Stephen or any of the other four Certified Personal Trainers @ 228-697-1236 or 896-0888, to get started on the path to a total body fitness plan.


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