Spinning was derived from real road cycling and combines three basic hand positions and five core movements that are simple, fun and easy to learn. The ride is a journey you take with an skilled instructor on state of-the-art stationary bikes that combine sound training principals, inspirational music, as well as a unique mind/body philosophy. Spinning has helped millions get into the best shape of their lives. Now this revolutionary sport activity is available to Coast residents at an extraordinary, brand new facility. Spinning just the beginning of what you will find at Cycology, and it is our extreme pleasure to tell you all about it.
Cycology was founded and developed by owner, Linda Buford. She is the driving force behind a specially selected team of trainers, and you will not find a more professional, friendly or truly dedicated staff of athletes anywhere. However, let’s begin at the beginning, because Cycology is here today because of one woman’s life experiences…the good, the bad, and the miraculous.
Linda grew up on a 40 acre farm and learned very early on that a solid work ethic is key to success. The only girl, and the youngest of 4 children, she literally worked from sun up to sun down, with the only break time being school. The family never had the luxury of going on vacations and Linda never had the opportunity to even watch cartoons, one of the most basic childhood pleasures…Linda always worked. They raised chickens, had some horses, but her father also bred Greyhounds. This upbringing instilled in her not only a willingness to work, but an intense drive to stay busy and productive around the clock. “When I was eighteen I couldn’t wait to leave and start my own life because it felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders but I am very thankful now that my step father (Jack Barrett) was so hard on us and expected us to rise to the occasion, it serves me well,” Linda said.
Obesity and obesity related diseases are constant reminders for Linda to always be vigilant and stay as healthy as humanly possible. Death came very early to her step father, at the age of 54 due to complications of obesity and diabetes. “I am active and do everything in my power to keep my weight down and be at optimum health,” she said. Linda was once very heavy, but she made the life changing decision to dedicate herself to health, wellness and being physically fit.
Linda discovered her interest in sports and fitness as a young adult. She had an exemplary trainer named Steven Greenwell while living in Mobile, Alabama. At the time she was very serious about bodybuilding and had begun taking part in dance and fitness competitions. Steven taught her everything he knew and Linda couldn’t get enough of the study and conditioning of the physical body. In order to be certified as a Physical Trainer, you must pass an exam based on Kinesiology, Physiology, Anatomy, and all the components of aerobics and fitness. It is a very difficult test and you must prepare well. “There are three different certifications you can apply for, I went through A.C.E.,” she said. Linda also became a choreographer and worked behind the scenes because she suffered injuries from the strenuous toll on her body of the constant work outs. “When I was younger, I over did it and paid a heavy price but I learned to listen to my body and not over tax it…there are limits and you must always be careful and smart when exercising,” she added.
Motherhood is the greatest joy of Linda Buford’s life. Her son, Ricky, came into the world and was quite unexpectedly born with autism. He required care 24 / 7. “My son needed me to be in top form. I had to keep my weight down and be the best I could be because he totally depended on me and there was no one else. The truth is that life is much harder when you are overweight, it complicates everything,” she said. Ricky is now an adult and happily lives at the South Mississippi Regional Center. He and his mom have regular visits each week and spend weekends together. “He is the love of my life,” she said.
Physical fitness became a passion in her twenties. Linda molded herself into a super athlete, who routinely competed in triathlons and in races. She is a highly competitive runner. Ten years ago she suffered a spine injury and was told by physicians that she would never be able to run, jump or compete again…needless to say, she proved them all wrong. “When I train, and I start to hurt or feel a twinge…I stop. Your body will tell you if something isn’t right, and it is best to listen,” she said. Today she is the picture of health and wellness which she credits to exercise, good nutrition and proper training.
“Shape Up The Coast” was developed by Linda Buford to assist locals with the battle of the bulge. It is an enormously successful program that has transformed lives. She has helped legions of people lose weight and be more physically fit. The program begins each January of the new year. “The first thing I tell my participants is that exercise makes you strong and healthy and facilitates weight loss, but the amount of calories in and calories out is what makes all the difference,” Linda said.
Linda Buford made the decision to open her own fitness center, because her life took a very unexpected turn when she lost her job. She found herself unemployed and totally baffled with the news. Linda was the #1 trainer at a local facility and gave 110% each and every day. Classes were always full to capacity and her students thoroughly enjoyed every class she taught. The realization hit hard but once again Linda called upon her inner strength and solid work ethic. She immediately thought of a game plan and began to look for employment elsewhere. It didn’t take long before her phone was ringing off the hook with old clients and prospective clients imploring her to train them and encouraging her to open a facility of her own. “Spinning (cycling) is very popular all over the country, but I knew it was an unfamiliar concept here on the Coast. I was very eager to introduce it and market it here because it is so efficient and such wonderful way to exercise. As soon as I decided to bring spinning to this area and announced my idea, my clients wanted more…they wanted my Sizzle classes, and Body Fit and Senior classes! It became clear to me that I was in demand and needed to provide all the services that my clients wanted,” Linda said.
When the idea for Cycology started to take shape, there were still many obstacles in the way. It was almost as if there was Divine intervention because one by one, each issue was solved and every problem vanished. Linda was in very unfamiliar territory, she had absolutely no experience with real estate and contractors, budgets and running a business but quite literally every day, the difficulties and set backs were miraculously rectified. Linda truly believes that she has been getting help from above. Her faith and devotion has served her well through the trials of life. Linda lives by three principals; always do your best and always take the high road, and always move forward.
Finding the best people to staff Cycology was number one on the list of priorities. An exemplary trainer must possess certain qualities. They must be leaders who practice, plan and prepare. Linda saw great potential in a small group of six, who share her energy level, drive and passion. They trained for hours on end in preparation to teach multiple spinning and fitness classes. “I have worked in major markets through my career, and I have never seen a more dedicated, professional group of people. I am incredibly proud of them, they are absolutely the best,” Linda said. The membership manager of Cycology is Alexa “Rockstar” Marchbanks and she is an instructor as well. The rest of the staff/ instructors are: J.G “Life Coach” Fikes, Rebecca “Becks” Collier, ShannON Hopkins, Gretchen “Perfection” Spence, and Tajuana “Zumba Queen” Glaude. A massage therapist, Sally “Magic Hands” Anderson is in house as well. Members may bring children when they attend classes! Childcare will be provided for only $1.00 per child.
Cycology will offer the finest in sound and lighting to enhance the spinning experience. “Our sound system and special affects lighting in the Spinning class will blow your mind. There is nothing else like it anywhere on the Coast, and it is nothing short of amazing. We guarantee a true experience and special journey from the moment the music starts, to the moment the session ends,” Linda said. The group fitness room has a specially padded floor that makes it easier on the joints and offers greater support. The New Orleans Saints is the pride and joy of the owner of Cycology. The fitness center is beautifully decorated throughout in black and gold.
The Mississippi Surge uses Spinning as part of their fitness training. Linda Buford is their principal trainer and Cycology is where it all happens. When Linda lived in Mobile, she was a trainer for the Mobile Mystics. “Hockey players do a lot of speed work. Instead of ice, the bikes provide the exercise they need to keep their leg muscles loose and fresh,” Linda said. The Surge routinely takes classes at Cycology, the days and time frame depend on their schedule. “These are the nicest guys, they are so appreciative and such a pleasure to work with,” Linda said.
Linda Buford had this to say in closing, “I feel that this community was in great need of a place that is non threatening, beautiful, and offers all the services people need and want. I will offer the best classes in a professional, clean and exciting environment. My staff and I will always have great attitudes and smiling faces. I want Cycology to be the talk of the town…No, I want to set this town on fire!”
Cycology is located at 921 Cedar Lake Road in Biloxi, MS
For more information go to or call 228-354-0303

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