Locals know that no other radio station comes close to puttting together the most awesome live concerts in Rock and Alternative than WCPR. Without fail, show after show, CPR brings the top selling, number one bands to the Coast, and the biggest line up of rock stars on the planet. What’s coming up next, thanks to 97.9 CPR, the Hard Rock Casino Biloxi, D.O.C.360 from Pepsi and WDSU South Mississippi, is so huge that it will undoubtedly go down in Rock/Alternative history as one of the greatest Mississippi Gulf Coast concerts of all time. For the small price of $42.00 per ticket plus Ticketmaster fee, you can be there and experience every pulse pounding moment from beginning to end. Ladies and gentlemen…The Mississippi Coast Coliseum will proudly present Staind and Chevelle in concert on the night of December 16.
Lead guitarist of Staind, Mike Mushok, spoke with me recently to discuss the tour and their new self titled album which was released in September. “We got together last December and we sorted through ideas and arrangements of about 18 songs. After the holidays we figured out what we wanted to do and planned the majority of the record, but it became a very difficult time. Our drummer left us (Jon Wysocki) and then motivation was a real problem for us all, we were all on different pages…we had a deadline to meet but it became almost impossible to accomplish it. We had no idea that Jon was going to drop out, it came as a complete suprise, so then we had to change gears and make new decisions…it took awhile to find our place again,” Mike said. Both Staind and Chevelle have been together since 1995.
When Staind was in it’s infancy, they had a tour date at the Coast coliseum. Aaron Lewis sang “Outside” with Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. It was one of those rare moments in music where the entire audience was left spellbound and speechless because of the passion and intensity of the performance. It was also filmed for an MTV video. I asked Mike if he remembered that night and how the band reacted to the moment, was it as powerful for them as it was for the crowd. “Yeah, it truly launched us into ‘Break The Cycle’ which wound up being our biggest record. We definately felt something amazing happen that night,” he said. Mike said in closing that they love playing the new songs live and fans are really responding favorably to this tour. Staind’s latest single, “Not Again” is the #1 Rock song in America.
Chevelle has sold over 3 million albums in the U.S. Their sixth album, “Hats Off to the Bull” is set to release this month. Chevelle’s sound has been described as a kind of controlled chaos; a beautiful darkness. The Loeffler brothers and Dean Bernardini of Chevelle will most certainly blow the roof off so strap in and get ready for a wild ride. Joining the line up of rock stars is Adelitas Way who recently had a #1 Rock single “Sick,” as well as Halestorm and Black Tide. This will be one of the last concerts of 2011 for Staind and Chevelle. 97.9 CPR has a long, ongoing relationship with Staind and Aaron Lewis – did you know that the Coast is one of Aaron’s favorite places to play? He comes down here every chance he gets!
Be sure and get your tickets before they sell out. Wrap up the year and celebrate the holidays with a monumental concert from CPR Rocks.

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