Month: January 2012


Happy 2012 and welcome back to Go To Places Monthly!
To kick off our Jan.  issue, we have the pleasure of  visiting with our old friend, Mr. Glenn Mattina, owner of Atlas Fights. He has a very big year planned for Atlas and GTP has an exclusive, inside line to everything!
Our first Mover and Shaker honoree for the new year is Ms.Kearn Cherry, Operation Manager and Owner of PRN Home Care. Get to know this dynamic and saavy business woman who has dedicated her life to the health and welfare of the elderly.
The restaurant biz is booming on the Coast!  Dining out is extremely popular nowadays and the selection of fine eateries keeps growing. Be sure to catch our Taste Buds feature each month to find the best places to go. This month we feature Sweet Water, a wonderful New Orleans style bistro located in Hardy Court in Gulfport.
The Mississippi Surge weighs in on their 2010 – 2012 season and gives us a look into their busy schedule.
All This…And So Much More
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor


There is a primal urge inside humans to fight. We fight for our lives, our brothers, our country and for the thrill and adrenalin rush that the match up brings. We are compelled to fight by our nature and driven to fight by way of defense.
Watching a Mixed Martial Arts fight can arouse your senses and bring your blood to a feverishly pumping pace. There is nothing like watching a good fight between trained and skilled fighters. We know just where to go to get that rush that surpasses all others. Atlas Fights has all the excitement and adrenalin surges that you need to get your ‘fight fix.’ This year marks the 4th season for Atlas here in Biloxi and promoter, Glenn Mattina, Jr. is ready to kick it into high gear. (more…)


PRN Home Care is the third business venture of the entrepreneurial,  husband and wife team of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cherry. Kearn was raised in  Biloxi and graduated from Biloxi High. While attending college, she worked as  a part time medical clerk at KAFB Medical Center. She has always been drawn to  business and specifically the medical field. Kearn’s husband was in the  military and was first stationed in Germany. During their time overseas she  continued her education in nursing.”I always expected to finish my nursing  degree over there but that didn’t happen,” she said. When Dennis received  orders to transfer to Arizona, the young couple moved again. Kearn was anxious  to pursue her studies but getting into nursing school was next to impossible  because there were so few slots and hundreds of applicants. “My husband and I  both tried for years to get into school, but in order to make a living as we  waited for a slot, we sought employment in a nursing home and started out as  nurses aids,” she said. (more…)

Gatlinburg, TN: History and Culture A Great Learning Vacation!

Close enough to drive from the MS Gulf Coast and perhaps no other state proudly showcases its unique culture and history the way Tennessee does.  There’s no better display of that Great Smokey Mountain History and culture than in Gatlinburg.
Two hundred years ago, in 1807, Martha Jane Huskey Ogle, her children and several other family members arrived in a remote locale of Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee to honor the wish of her recently deceased husband, William, to settle in the “land of paradise” he had found for them. Today, that remote locale is known as Gatlinburg, Tennessee. (more…)

7 Steps to Hosting a Safe New Year’s Eve Party

If you’re hosting a party this New Year’s eve, you have a lot of duties: menu planning, decorating, and securing entertainment. But don’t overlook your most crucial responsibility: keeping your guests safe
Alcohol is the common thread in New Year’s Eve partying. It’s also a factor in four in 10 deadly car crashes. Young people are especially at risk. Alcohol-related highway crashes are the leading cause of death for teens and the young – but no one is immune. (more…)

Combat Wounded Veterans of South Mississippi

Combat Wounded Veterans of South Mississippi is the first organization of its kind in the area that is run and maintained locally. President Donna Anderson works at Keesler Medical Center and saw a need here on the coast that was not being met on a federal level. “Our goal is to get immediate and local help for wounded veterans and their families by providing a place where they can be partnered with a personal caseworker to get them the services they need. We help wounded veterans get food, clothing, gas money, doctors appointments, bill payments and help with the V.A. The caseworkers help them cut through all the red tape and get them immediate services for their dire needs. The vets are often not able to fill out paperwork to get what they need and the caseworkers will do that for them,” Anderson said.
The most urgent need for the organization is for people to get the word out that the Combat Wounded Veterans of South Mississippi is up and running with already 9 wounded veterans taking advantage of their services. Going to the CWVSM is like having “boots on the ground” in a war. There is nothing like standing shoulder to shoulder with someone who can look you in the eyes and tell you that they are there to help you. It makes all the difference in the world to be connected to someone personally that can put your needs and your family’s needs first. The CWVSM has already provided food, rent money, gas money and help with paperwork to the 9 vets signed up with the program. CWVSM serves the entire state of Mississippi. (more…)

Handsboro Cleaners

At 767 Watkins Avenue you will find more than just a dry cleaning shop. Owners Pat and Denise Noonan came from Long Island, New York in 1985 and continued a family tradition of keeping their clients looking downright spiffy. Pat’s family has been in the cleaning and tailoring business for 4 generations. His grandmother and mother were both seamstresses and tailors and now his daughter and son are both in the business.
“The most important thing in any business is honesty and trustworthiness. I remember back in New York when a wealthy client left fifteen $1,000 bills in his pocket along with a solid gold and diamond money clip. He was so rich that he didn’t even know he’d lost it. He was shocked when I called him and told him that we found it in his pants and he could come pick it up when he got his clothes back,” Pat said.  There have been similar instances here on the Gulf Coast in the last 20 years that Handsboro Cleaners has been in business. The workers and management are adamant that all things left in the pockets or attached to the clothes will be returned with a smile. (more…)