Combat Wounded Veterans of South Mississippi

Combat Wounded Veterans of South Mississippi is the first organization of its kind in the area that is run and maintained locally. President Donna Anderson works at Keesler Medical Center and saw a need here on the coast that was not being met on a federal level. “Our goal is to get immediate and local help for wounded veterans and their families by providing a place where they can be partnered with a personal caseworker to get them the services they need. We help wounded veterans get food, clothing, gas money, doctors appointments, bill payments and help with the V.A. The caseworkers help them cut through all the red tape and get them immediate services for their dire needs. The vets are often not able to fill out paperwork to get what they need and the caseworkers will do that for them,” Anderson said.
The most urgent need for the organization is for people to get the word out that the Combat Wounded Veterans of South Mississippi is up and running with already 9 wounded veterans taking advantage of their services. Going to the CWVSM is like having “boots on the ground” in a war. There is nothing like standing shoulder to shoulder with someone who can look you in the eyes and tell you that they are there to help you. It makes all the difference in the world to be connected to someone personally that can put your needs and your family’s needs first. The CWVSM has already provided food, rent money, gas money and help with paperwork to the 9 vets signed up with the program. CWVSM serves the entire state of Mississippi.
The CWVSM has very little overhead. Approximately 80 to 90 % of the funds raised goes straight to the wounded warriors for which it is intended. One day they hope to have a building to use and are actively looking for someone to donate the use of an office/warehouse. Local fundraisers are set up in the future but the need is here and now. They are looking for vets to mentor other vets and for business owners to put some of these vets to work. Many of these wounded vets can work but haven’t been able to find jobs. So, if you have a building that is sitting vacant or a position that needs to be filled, please call President Donna Anderson at 228-348-0643.
Wounded vets are accepted if their injury was combat related and help is provided to the entire immediate family. Help setting up daycare, getting groceries or just cleaning up the massive amounts of paperwork they may have is there for the asking. If you are someone who can give even an hour a week to sit and have coffee with a wounded vet then you are exactly what the CWVSM is looking for.  You may never know what a simple visit can mean to one of these wounded warriors. Please, give of yourself in 2012 and lend a hand to those who gave so much for you and your family.

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