Handsboro Cleaners

At 767 Watkins Avenue you will find more than just a dry cleaning shop. Owners Pat and Denise Noonan came from Long Island, New York in 1985 and continued a family tradition of keeping their clients looking downright spiffy. Pat’s family has been in the cleaning and tailoring business for 4 generations. His grandmother and mother were both seamstresses and tailors and now his daughter and son are both in the business.
“The most important thing in any business is honesty and trustworthiness. I remember back in New York when a wealthy client left fifteen $1,000 bills in his pocket along with a solid gold and diamond money clip. He was so rich that he didn’t even know he’d lost it. He was shocked when I called him and told him that we found it in his pants and he could come pick it up when he got his clothes back,” Pat said.  There have been similar instances here on the Gulf Coast in the last 20 years that Handsboro Cleaners has been in business. The workers and management are adamant that all things left in the pockets or attached to the clothes will be returned with a smile.
Pat has been cleaning clothes for over 35 years and says that he is proud of his son and daughter for taking a vested interest in the business. His daughter, Janis, manages the 2nd location of the cleaners at 12068 Hwy. 49 in Orange Grove and his son, Jack, is a drycleaner with a knack for getting any stain out.
All work is performed in-house except suede. Their famous touch for cleaning and heir looming wedding gowns and antique clothes has given them a good reputation on the coast. They can clean beaded gowns and tailor anything you can think of.
Pat wanted to pass along a few tips to our readers. Never leave your clothes dirty! The longer a stain is in the fabric, the harder it is to get out. Also, please buy American made clothes! They are better quality, last longer and have less dye loss.
Pat and his wife live on a self-subsistence farm in Saucier where the two hope to one day be able to generate their own power and heat. They are also avid growers of their own veggies and meats and dream of one day being totally self-reliant on the farm they work so hard to maintain. You can call Handsboro Cleaners at 228-897-1000 or 228-539-0379.

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