10 Marketing Ideas for Your Business in 2012

For marketing departments, the New Year means time to get trendy. It is important for small businesses to stay up-to-date on current marketing practices if they plan to compete with dominant brands, but it can sometimes be hard to keep track. How do all of the major corporations do it? The trick is this: Get ready for the trends before they happen.
It can be difficult to try and understand something and put it into action all at once, so it’s important to take the time to prepare for any marketing changes that may occur in your business. Consider the top ten marketing ideas for your business in 2012 and get ready before the New Year hits:
QR codes – Also known as “quick response codes,” these little barcodes allow people to scan the code on your ad using a smartphone. The code then takes them right to a website of your choosing.
Infographics – Plain text is getting old; people will want to see information depicted visually to help explain boring or complicated topics.
Mobile Marketing – More than 1/5 of all searches will be completed on a mobile device. The New Year means optimizing your website for this “mobile takeover.”
Social Media Keywords – SEO is no longer just for Google. Companies will use keywords to help people find their pages on a social media search.
EBooks – Companies will begin putting out free ebooks for those wanting more information on a product or company. Your company can also offer advice such as how to start a small business, how to increase traffic, etc.
Brand Pages – 2011 introduced Google+ and new Twitter brand pages. This will be a must-have for any company in 2012.
International Marketing – Companies will begin to focus on marketing to different cultures. This includes translating a blog into different languages and finding new outlets for traditional marketing (Spanish radio, Chinese TV stations, etc.)
Local Based Marketing – People will begin using local search engines and supporting companies in their communities; companies will need to increase local marketing efforts.
Co-Marketing – In such an up-and-down economy, businesses will need to team up. Find a company that compliments your company, and strike up a business proposal that involves referrals, shared audiences, etc.
Video – YouTube users are expected to grow, so video marketing is expected to grow. Create a podcast or YouTube video to help teach consumers about your company.
Ten new ideas may seem a bit overwhelming, but businesses should only focus on four or five. Once a company gets those four or five new marketing tactics working well, then it’s time to move on to the rest. No company should try and incorporate all of these new ideas unless they have a really solid foundation and a large marketing department. As they say: Slow and steady wins the race.


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