Alan Belcher grew up in the beautiful state of Arkansas. Both his parents were quite athletic, so it was in his DNA that sports and athleticism would come very naturally. As a youngster, he played baseball, basketball, and was involved in Martial Arts but his true talents as an athlete did not become apparent until he was in his teens. He admits to being a rather “nerdy” kid, favorite pastimes were music and art. He also struggled with his weight and the other kids gave him a really hard time. Alan was constantly bullied and felt he didn’t fit in and had low self esteem. The turning point came at the age of 14, when a very special Martial Arts instructor entered his life. “He taught me so much about character development and showed me how to think in a positive manner. I started working on building my strength and endurance as well as changing the way I thought about things,” Alan said. Another very important figure in Alan’s life was his baseball coach, Coach Richie. “He had such faith in me and instilled very strong values and solid work ethic in me,” he added.
School was never a high point in Alan’s life. He could not find his footing with studies and school work which lead to low grades. He was never a good student and it caused him lots of problems. He had developed bad habits which followed him through his entire education, but sports saved him. He landed a full scholarship for Baseball. He gave college a shot and attended for a few semesters but decided that it was not the right road for him. He discovered he loved Martial Arts and wanted to focus on it full time. Alan Belcher was driven to succeed and never gave up. “I guess at the time, that was not the best choice but it wound up working out really well. Everybody’s different and they have to find their own path,” he said.
Alan Belcher can recall every detail of his first professional fight. He was so ready and filled with confidence. He had been groomed for this moment and was well prepared having trained extensively…he was anxious to prove his worth in the ring and had no doubt that he was one of the best in the world. “Looking back and knowing what I know now, I was maybe a little too confident but it was a huge thing for me and I was anxious to be tested.” he said. For years Alan fought for practice, it was a way to get his feet wet and build his fighting skills. Now he was well on his way to making his mark and establishing his place in this dynamic sport.
After ten professional fights, Alan Belcher was invited to compete in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). He lost his first bout and it was imperative that he win the second. “This would either make or break my career. The UFC is like the NBA or the MLB of sports. It is only for the best in the world. This opportunity was what I had been dreaming of since I was a kid,” he said. He won the second fight and felt extremely confident. He knew he was where he belonged and had earned the right to be there. He had broken into a top fighter category and it was 2006.
Alan has no regrets about any of the fights he has competed in. “Win. lose or draw, I have always made it a point to take something positive away with me after a match. If I did something wrong, I learned how to fix it and didn’t do the same thing twice,” he said.
One of Alan’s proudest moments was when he competed in the UFC 100. Only the best fighters in the world are on the fight card, and the media coverage and exposure is tremendous. It is a Pay Per View Event with hundreds of thousands of viewers. It was one of the biggest events on Pay Per View of all time. Alan’s opponent was a very high profile fighter from overseas that was half Japanese, half Korean. The fight went very well and Alan felt that he won the first two rounds. He chose to step it up a notch in round 3 and knew he had won the fight. The judges saw it differently and gave the win to the other fighter. “It was a valuable lesson that I will never forget. I still believe I won the match and apparently so do most of the viewers. I came away with a lot of new and loyal fans,” Alan said.
While in Brazil to train in the summer of 2010, Alan Belcher woke up one morning to the terrifying discovery that he could not see. He and his wife frantically went from eye doctor to eye doctor in Rio, in an effort to get some help and to find out what was wrong. Alan’s eyes were dilated and the physicians made the determination that he had a detached retina which is very serious. They told him that he needed to get back to the States immediately and have surgery to hopefully repair the damage. When the Belcher’s returned home, they went to Mobile, Alabama and saw an Ophthalmologist by the name of Dr.Henry Christopher Semple. He confirmed the diagnosis and performed two surgeries in an attempt to bring Alan’s sight back. It was a very long and difficult recovery but Dr. Semple felt that Alan would be heal and regain his sight. “I was never worried about my career, I just wanted to get better and wanted to get it over with,” Alan said. The first surgery did not take and the retina tore away again about a month later. The second surgery was even more difficult and required very specific measures that were extremely uncomfortable. Alan called upon his inner strength to cope but became very depressed. His friends and family did everything they could to get him through the seemingly never ending healing process. Alan decided that no matter what the outcome, he would think positively and move forward. Six months later, he was released from the surgeon’s care and was given permission to compete again. “This experience gave me a whole new appreciation for my life and my career. As bad as it was, it has changed my life for the better,” Alan said.
The MMA is the ultimate in “one on one” competition. Alan Belcher completely dedicated himself to the sport; mind, body and spirit. “This is my life long work. I have always loved everything about MMA and how it incorporates grappling, wrestling, punching and kicking but under strict rules and regulations. Since I was 14 years old, Mixed Martial Arts has been so important to me,” Alan said. The training and self discipline that is a requirement of being an MMA athlete is all inclusive. You cannot have one without the other, and it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Any mistake in your training camp could really cost you. It takes complete concentration and nothing can take you off course. The mental aspects of this sport are crucial and it is always a huge challenge,” Alan said. All the discipline, passion, drive, and mental toughness made Alan Belcher one of the best fighters in the world. Today, he is thoroughly enjoying a new career in the fitness industry and using all his skills and training to help others discover the fun and excitement of MMA and being at the top of your game.
Alan Belcher is a devoted husband and father. He and his wife, Ashlee, are a team in every sense of the word. They have been married for four years and have a family of three; two daughters, Ava and Savannah, and a newborn son, Eli. “My wife and I work great together. We share the same passion for the Martial Arts school and our fitness programs. She is so great with charitable causes and giving back,” he said. The Belcher family love to travel and have been all over the world together. Alan is also a musician, he plays the drums and guitar. “Our favorite place to be is right here on the Coast. We love to eat out and know all the best places ,” he added.
The Alan Belcher Fitness Center focuses on health and well being through the principals and training of Mixed Martial Arts. The core of the fitness program is Mixed Martial Arts for children. They can start as young as age 4 in the “Little Ninja’s.” This program is specifically designed for pre-schoolers. It revolves around character development and values.There is a competition team but the children are never forced to compete. Every child gets a chance to shine, and everyone gets the same amount of attention and time, no one is ever left out. “We turn the weaker kids into strong kids. No one sits on the bench and is ignored. We are passionate about making their time here fun and stress free. We have some amazing progams,” Alan said.
When Alan decided to cut back his career in the ring, he began working as a personal trainer. He found his forte was working with children and his new business really took off. His first gym was in Biloxi on Cedar Lake Road. He was given a space within Pro Gym. They allowed Alan to teach some classes in the Aerobics room. His classes were so successful that more and more parents brought their children by to exercise until Alan had to make other arrangements to keep up with the growth of his business. The next location was a very small but adequate space in D’Iberville. The roster of kids had grown to 20 by this time and word was spreading about Alan’s wonderful exercise programs. Soon he was instructing 200 youngsters that quickly became 300. Today, the Alan Belcher MMA Club and Fitness Center is an incredible, huge, state-of-the-art facility, with world class instructors and a staff of 25 people. It is open 7 days a week and outfitted with the finest equipment. At last count, the membership was into the 700’s with no signs of slowing down.
“Our main focus is to help regular people get in shape and lose weight. We want to give kids a direction in life and teach them things that will stick with them. I think of our team as co-parents,” Alan said. And if you have been interested in trying Kick Boxing but felt it is only for the fit and trim? No Way! This is a fun and big time calorie burner, appropriate for everyone! The Belcher fitness programs are individually tailored for people who are regular folks, who want to improve upon their physical form and be in better shape – and everyone can do it! “We customize each and every plan, this is not a cookie cutter deal. We guarantee great personal service and an environment that you will be very comfortable in. And you will get the benefit of my experience to help you be a brand new you. Set realistic, specific goals and believe in yourself,” Alan said.

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