Cades Country Corner

You can feel it when you walk in the door. There is a unique aura of times gone by that fills you with nostalgia and a yearning for days long past. The foyer area is filled with antiques and baubles that bring back memories of childhood and of grandma’s attic in the springtime.
Cades Country Corner is chock full, from floor to ceiling, with things hand-picked by a man who has been searching the country for all things interesting since he was a young boy. Dan Cade watched his mother run a similar business when he was younger and he says that it just came natural for him to become a “picker”. “I love old things and I’ve wanted to have a store like this all my life! I lost a lot of things in Katrina so making this store happen now means so much to me” Dan said.
People see value in all sorts of things and Dan can root out those special finds like no other. There are thousands of pieces in the store and more outside. The folks at Cades buy, sell and trade on anything of value. Boats, tractors, rvs, cars, antiques, collectibles and vintage items come in every day and go on sale immediately.
Co-owner, Pat Noonan, is so impressed by Dan’s knowledge of the carefully selected items and their value that he bought into the business recently and plans to be at the store to help clients and watch the business grow. “We are loaded with anything and everything, including the kitchen sink! Deals are all over the place and we haggle with anyone!” Pat said.
There is an urgent need for furniture right now at the store and with an appointment, the fine folks at Cades may even come out and pick up what you have to sell. One thing that Cades has a lot of is tools. Tools from the turn of the century for collectors line the walls. New and used tools are always found for the person looking for good, workable pieces to use every day. There is an entire case of Elvis Memorabilia and televisions of all sizes. Dan and Pat are so committed to their clients that they always offer a deal and stand behind what they sell.
There is a home-town feeling about being at Cades and doing business with people that will put their word behind what they sell. It’s like something straight out of the modern day television shows where the pickers go out and bring back stuff from old barns and attics to sell to those who stop by. Vendors can set up outside anytime they wish and Dan only charges them a small fee for a large space. So, bring your garage sale stuff and set up on the sprawling acreage for the weekend. And who knows, when you’re done selling your items to the masses, Dan might just buy what you have left over from your sale!
The store opened a year ago and sits just 1 mile north of Hwy. 53 on Hwy. 49. Dan and Pat plan to have a grand opening celebration in February with food, live entertainment, and classic cars on display and price cuts throughout the store. There will be door prizes and fun for the whole family. Call Cades Country Corner for more details at 228-832-6929 or call Dan on his cell at 228-348-8066. Happy pickin’ ya’ll!

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