Dippady Do Children’s Spa: Where Princesses (and Princes) Go to Party!

Inside the west entrance of Edgewater Mall, the sweet smells of bubble gum and brown sugar will lead you right into a magical and unique salon called Dippady Do Spa. And this isn’t just any spa… it’s a spa and salon just for children. From the mountains of beautifully handcrafted hair bows to the brightly painted furniture, this is a place to take your child for a day of pampering and preening. The brain-child of owners Brenda Blount and Cecelia Shabazz, Dippady Do Spa offers more than just services that focus on the outer beauty of a child, but also their inner beauty.
Brenda calls it “image transformation.” In 2008, Brenda recognized a real need in the community to help adults, especially women, to reinvent themselves especially after a crisis or tough times. “When a woman goes through changes,” she explained, “they don’t feel good about themselves.” So Brenda opened a service called “A Better You” using her years of experience working in upscale adult spas and her own natural talent for looking beautiful herself and helping others to feel beautiful. “Television tells us that looking good is the only thing you need,” she said. But learning “poise and charm” are also needed to build confidence in one’s self. She said the secret to a successful transformation is to identify and enhance the beauty already within a person, and then help them to develop the manners and refinements that are essential to completing the image transformation. A Better You programs were brought into the Harrison County Alternative School and then the Jackson County Drug Court. She partnered with the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi to provide resiliency education to participants to learn better stress management and other life skills. The result? Women making significant changes in the directions of their lives.
In 2009, Brenda partnered with Cecilia to open the kids spa using the same image transformation philosophy to cultivate a child’s awareness of their own special beauty, inside and out. Services at the spa include the expected fare: Manicures, pedicures, hair styles, make-up. But the spa doesn’t stop there. Dippady Do Spa has etiquette classes for kids of all ages, “Mommy and Me” spa sessions, and something no other spa on the Coast has… A fairy!
Martha Oswalt, aka The Dippady Do Spa Fairy, is a petite woman whose dream of one day having magic has come true. A retired nurse who has beat cancer more than once, said that when she found Dippady Do Spa, she immediately walked in and asked for a job. “When I was a little child, my step brother said I looked like a little tiny fairy… I was born to be a fairy,” she said in her equally tiny voice. Before coming to Dippady Do, she, like Brenda, had worked in an upscale spa at a local casino. “When I saw giving pleasure to others, and being a nurse, I thought this was a good transition. Giving relief to people, pampering them,” she said. Martha’s cancer resulted in her requiring a tube inserted in her neck in which to breathe. When she speaks, she holds one delicate finger over the hole of the apparatus. “It’s my magic button,” she said batting her long sparkling lashes. When children ask her if she can fly, she tells them, “That’s not my magic. My button is my magic.” Indeed, Martha views her survival as the transformation of her own life into something she said is the most rewarding work she could ever do.
The Dippady Do Fairy greets the children and their parents as they come in to the spa, and she helps them decide between getting the Princess Sparkle Makeover or a Slime River Manicure. She can also help you to plan a Spa-rrific Birthday Party with all the trimmings. All salon products are made with natural ingredients and guaranteed to dazzle. Their fragrances include the ever-popular Bubble Gum and Hot Buttered Popcorn. The Dippady Do Fairy treats every spa guest like royalty, right down to helping them pirouette in front of the mirror after they have been glammed and perfumed.
Dippady Do Spa offers etiquette classes for boys and girls age 6 to 11. The six-week program, using educational materials including Table Manners by Emily Post, culminates into a formal dining experience at the Great Southern Club. Children learn how to be gracious from proper cell phone etiquette to learning how to introduce themselves and having dinner conversation. The next session begins March 10th. To register, call Brenda or the Dippady Do Spa Fairy at 228-388-3499.

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