Fit to Eat with Rob Stinson

Growing up in the Deep South, we remember chefs like Justin Wilson, Paul Prudhomme, Emeril Lagasse, John Folse and Paula Deen coming to us on lazy, warm afternoons through the power of television. Mississippi Public Broadcasting has been a leader in bringing shows like those into our homes and making them part of our lives. The tradition continues April 5, 2012 at 7 p.m. with the freshest new cooking show to come along in years. “Fit to Eat” with local chef, Rob Stinson, is scheduled to air on MPB and boasts a new look at some old favorites.
The focus of “Fit to Eat” is on healthy living and healthy eating. Chef Rob will share his special techniques for combining fresh, healthy ingredients by using Mississippi’s abundance of agricultural resources. Chef Rob visited the local farmers markets to find only the best for his dishes in the first episodes. He plans to make that trip many times as he taps the farmer’s crops for inexpensive and healthy ingredients to put together his dishes on the show.
There will be episodes featuring Mississippi Safe Seafood and even farm-fresh eggs and veggies. “I wanted to do this type of show because the average person can understand it, afford it and use it in their daily lives,” Chef Rob said. The recipes on the show are meant to be easy and you’ll never find Chef Rob using fancy words or ingredients that you don’t understand.
The look of the clean, blue, updated kitchen that the MPB Art Department chose for Chef Stinson is all about function and versatility while still reminding the audience that they don’t have to have a $5000 stove to prepare good meals.
MPB put a call out to chefs in Mississippi and Stinson competed for the position with others well known for their craft. After all was said and done, Stinson reigned supreme in all the ways that producers look for talent in a cooking show host. The first 12 episodes have been wrapped along with 6 radio and television spots and 7 web quick tips. Full episodes will be available online after they have aired. Visit MPB MPB will post web quick tips and Chef Rob will be featured on MPB Think Radio programming. All the recipes will be online so you don’t have to worry about writing everything down as you watch the show.
“Fit to Eat” hopes to do a live broadcast from the Gulfport area later in the year that will showcase all the wonderful foods that the coast has to offer. You will have to watch the MPB online site for the specific date and time.
Chef Rob said that the one thing he’d tell his fans to do to make their lives healthier is to replace all the white foods in their pantries with brown foods. For example, trade white rice for brown rice and regular noodles for the whole grain/whole wheat varieties. This includes sugar being swapped for low or no calorie sweeteners! Chef Rob said, “If I could make people understand one thing, it’s this; It’s the little changes that add up to big rewards!”

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