Month: April 2012

Letter from the Editor – April 2012

Welcome Back!
It’s hard to believe that Spring is here and in just a couple months the kids will be out of school for the summer. This is a particularly beautiful time of year on the Coast and people are out and about enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunshine. There is so much going on and we have the scoop on everything.
Our April Movers and Shakers are the men of the Asgard Motorcycle Club. These guys are as good as gold and could not be more generous. Find out how it really is behind the scenes of Asgard…I bet you will be very suprised.
The GM of Holmes Motors, Jason Barq Johnson, visits with us to talk about their Integrity Plan. When they say credit is not an issue…they mean it! GTP will tell you how it works and maybe the plan will fit comfortably into your budget.
Green tea is like a fountain of youth and this little wonder will give you skin like velvet! Don’t miss our April Spa and Beauty section for all the info.

All This…And So Much More
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

Holmes Motors – Integrity Program

The owner of Holmes Motors, Bill Holmes, Jr., started selling cars when he was only 19 years old. The dealership has been in existence for over 20 years. The first location was in Biloxi, close to Keesler Air Force Base, where it flourished for several years. The next phase of the business was selling tires and rims which also proved to be quite successful. Bill decided it was time to move into a brand new location, and built a beautiful dealership in D’Iberville. It is easy to get to, on Boney Avenue which runs parallel to the interstate. Business was booming so Bill chose to open one more location in Texas. He was always a very enterprising businessman and did everything on his own. (more…)


The Asgard Motorcycle Club was founded in 1979. They stand by the code, “My Word – My Honor,” and nothing is more important to them than the brotherhood they share with their fellow Asgard members. The men are always addressed by first names only or nicknames…nicknames that are well deserved and fit each one to a T. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Asgard Nomad, Curt and Asgard Nomad, Jim. Asgard is a most well respected and well appreciated organization on the Gulf Coast, and the walls of their headquarters are a testament to all the wonderful things they have done over the years. The place is literally filled with treasured awards and plaques, trophies and certificates of honor that have been bestowed on this club. The walls are also a display for photographs and mementos that mean the world to these guys. Many are growing old together and they share quite a history. The men of Asgard are as different as night and day, and come from all walks of life but they share a kinship for their love of motorcycles, belief in one another, and the ultimate respect for the Asgard members who have passed away. (more…)

CIGGY OUTLET – Roll Your Own

If you are a smoker you’ll want to listen closely to the words of this article. You can now save up to 50% on your cigarettes! Go to Places has found a store where you can save money and feel better about yourself doing it. There is a new shop in town called Ciggy Outlet where you can get premium cigarettes for half the cost of your regular name brands.
Ciggy Outlet is a franchise owned by Neo Lin. Mr. Lin has two stores in Florida and one in Biloxi. The latest craze in the cigarette community is the roll your own and save money phase. Sandy Lin, Neo’s sister, manages the store located at 280 Eisenhower Drive next to Hobby Lobby. A most welcoming and informative lady, Sandy will let you try different tobaccos and filters until you have found the one that is the perfect blend for your taste.
Although the shop has only been open about a month, they have regular customers that swear by their products. The tobacco is very fresh and grown only in the United States and purchased from American Cooperatives that American farmers sell to. It is blended in the U.S. without the addition of chemicals. Its quality that you can see and pure tobacco flavors you can taste. (more…)


On the evening of May 5th at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Alan “The Talent” Belcher will fight Brazilian middleweight, Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares. It will be LIVE on FOX, and is expected to have over 15 million viewers. This is only the third FOX card that the UFC has done. Coast fans will be bursting at the seams with pride as their favorite son, Belcher, will undoubtedly annihilate this very worthy opponent. Palhares is known for his wrenching leg locks, knee bars and toe holds. Belcher commands his own arsenal of weapons, as well as standing head and shoulders above Palhares. (more…)

Smokin’ the Sound & Smokin’ the Lake

Spring has sprung and here come the boats! It is once again time to see and feel the thrill that mesmerizes onlookers with delight. Smokin’ the Sound and Smokin’ the Lake are back and ready to bring you a springtime extravaganza that has speed, action and heart stopping twists and turns at every event. With Deer Island as a beautiful backdrop for the 7 mile course the excitement is sure to please. This is like NASCAR on the water! (more…)


Harrison County Supervisor, Windy Swetman and Director of Senior Services for District One, Greg Bankston, make it a point to cater to the senior population. Four program managers assist them in implementing the fun and interesting offerings that are scheduled week after week, month after month. The Red Barnett Center is a 2 million dollar investment, built in 2007, that is primarily used for the health and well being of senior citizens. (more…)