On the evening of May 5th at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Alan “The Talent” Belcher will fight Brazilian middleweight, Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares. It will be LIVE on FOX, and is expected to have over 15 million viewers. This is only the third FOX card that the UFC has done. Coast fans will be bursting at the seams with pride as their favorite son, Belcher, will undoubtedly annihilate this very worthy opponent. Palhares is known for his wrenching leg locks, knee bars and toe holds. Belcher commands his own arsenal of weapons, as well as standing head and shoulders above Palhares.
Alan Belcher has been in negotiations with Dana White, President of the UFC for quite some time and it was a done deal in February. Until Palhares, no other fighter was of interest to Belcher. He wanted to fight an opponent who was one of the best in the world. Palhares has earned the reputation for being a very mean fighter. He enters the cage specifically to do physical harm to his adversary and beating him is no easy task…exactly the kind of opponent Belcher was looking for. “I like being tested and challenged. Whenever I fight someone who is bigger or stronger, or has a better record or higher status, that is the kind of good, nervous energy that I really like and I thrive on it. I will always rise to the occasion, I’m a Gamer. I am well aware of the challenges with Palhares, and I can’t wait to fight him,” he said.
If Alan Belcher wins, he will be one step closer to a title and he will be back in the game. He trains year round, adhering to a very strict schedule under the tutelage of coaches, Rodney Derouen and Lyle Henley. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he travels to Alabama to work on his strength and conditioning, using highly specialized exercises and lifting routines. He works with Lyle Henley at the Athlete Factory. Belcher credits much of his success over the years with the training he has received from Henley. “He took me to the next level, and made me a much better fighter. He developed my strength, speed and power. I became a different athlete through his expertise,” Belcher said. Lyle Henley trains NFL, NBA, and MLB players, as well as training college athletes as they prepare for their shot at the pros in football, basketball and baseball. Alan Belcher is the only MMA fighter that is trained by Henley. Training is relentless and continues on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with Boxing Coach, Rodney Derouen. Belcher brought in three of the most top level grapplers in the sport of MMA to round out his training team: Daniel Moraes, Dean Lister, and Davi Remos.
Daniel Moraes is a five time World Champion, winning every fight without having one point scored on him. Dean Lister, alias The Machine, specializes in leg attacks and has repeatedly won championships at the Abu Dhabi Combat Club. The ADCC is a prestigeous grappling tournament consisting of the top 16 grapplers in the world of each weight class. Davi Remos is another leg lock specialist who will put Alan Belcher through his paces, holding nothing back. Belcher said, “I will have all these guys (the best grapplers in the world) attacking me and they will teach me everything they know so I can beat Palhares…it’s going to be fun!”
This is the second time that Alan Belcher will fight since his retina detachment injury and subsequent surgeries. He and his wife made the decision to have Alan return to the sport that he loves so much, knowing full well of the risks involved. They have complete faith in his abilities and have cast fear aside. There is nowhere else this athlete would rather be than in the cage, laying it all on the line, while fighting the toughest opponents in the world. Belcher is in top form; fit, healthy and strong. His eye has healed beautifully and he expects nothing to interfere with his future plans. He is very eager to battle Rousimar Palhares in May. “I’m so close to the top and I have invested everything in this…I am going to give it my all with no regrets. I have to see where this goes,” Alan said.

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