CIGGY OUTLET – Roll Your Own

If you are a smoker you’ll want to listen closely to the words of this article. You can now save up to 50% on your cigarettes! Go to Places has found a store where you can save money and feel better about yourself doing it. There is a new shop in town called Ciggy Outlet where you can get premium cigarettes for half the cost of your regular name brands.
Ciggy Outlet is a franchise owned by Neo Lin. Mr. Lin has two stores in Florida and one in Biloxi. The latest craze in the cigarette community is the roll your own and save money phase. Sandy Lin, Neo’s sister, manages the store located at 280 Eisenhower Drive next to Hobby Lobby. A most welcoming and informative lady, Sandy will let you try different tobaccos and filters until you have found the one that is the perfect blend for your taste.
Although the shop has only been open about a month, they have regular customers that swear by their products. The tobacco is very fresh and grown only in the United States and purchased from American Cooperatives that American farmers sell to. It is blended in the U.S. without the addition of chemicals. Its quality that you can see and pure tobacco flavors you can taste.
Most of the tobacco comes from Kentucky and the Appalachian Mountain regions that are so well known for their premium leaves. Anyone who has ever smoked a stale, dried out cigarette will tell you that it burns quicker and has lost its flavor. Well, Ciggy Outlet has the freshest and longest lasting tobacco around. The cigarettes burn slower and taste more flavorful than regular cigarettes.
Neo Lin and his sister grew up in China. Neo came to the states about 20 years ago and now lives in Biloxi. He was so taken by the beauty and charm of Biloxi that he decided to make this his permanent home. He has family near the Washington, DC area and his father is still in China. Neo hopes that this business will provide him the means to one day reunite his family and bring them to Biloxi permanently.
Name brand cartons of cigarettes can cost over $45 in regular stores and often have been sitting on the shelf for months before reaching the consumer. Ciggy Outlet makes both the high cost and staleness disappear! Cartons are as low as $19.99, but most are only $23.90 and Ciggys offers half cartons for only $13.90. That’s a huge savings in today’s market!
Ciggys custom blends all their cigarettes to satisfy your taste.Also, the paper tubes that are used to roll the cigarettes are the “non-fire safe” type. That means that your cigarettes will not die out like the name brands do these days.
If you live in the Gulfport area, you’ll be glad to know that Neo will be opening another Ciggy Outlet in the Norwood Village Plaza sometime in April.
It only takes about 8 minutes to create a perfectly blended carton for you. The way it works is simple. Sandy sells you a tub of tobacco and a carton of cigarette tubes. You take it to an automatic cigarette rolling machine and pour the tobacco in the top bin. You place the carton of tubes in the proper slot in the machine and push a button. The cigarettes come out of a chute at the bottom of the machine and you simply gather them up and place them in an empty carton that is provided for you. To be honest, the first time I tried it I felt a little bit like Lucille Ball in the chocolate factory but I’m getting the hang of it the more I do it. You get a rhythm going and it’s pretty easy.
Ciggy Outlet also carries premium pipe tobacco and lots of tobacco related products. They even have those little electronic cigarettes, refills, pipes and a whole display of beautiful cigarette cases for you to choose from.
The bottom line is simple. You will definitely save money by patronizing the Ciggy Outlet. If you do the math it can save you $100 a month or more. You can call Ciggy Outlet at 228-207-6433 or stop by the store and talk with Sandy from 9am to 8pm Monday thru Saturday or 11am to 6pm on Sundays.


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