Letter from the Editor – April 2012

Welcome Back!
It’s hard to believe that Spring is here and in just a couple months the kids will be out of school for the summer. This is a particularly beautiful time of year on the Coast and people are out and about enjoying the warmer temperatures and sunshine. There is so much going on and we have the scoop on everything.
Our April Movers and Shakers are the men of the Asgard Motorcycle Club. These guys are as good as gold and could not be more generous. Find out how it really is behind the scenes of Asgard…I bet you will be very suprised.
The GM of Holmes Motors, Jason Barq Johnson, visits with us to talk about their Integrity Plan. When they say credit is not an issue…they mean it! GTP will tell you how it works and maybe the plan will fit comfortably into your budget.
Green tea is like a fountain of youth and this little wonder will give you skin like velvet! Don’t miss our April Spa and Beauty section for all the info.

All This…And So Much More
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

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