The Asgard Motorcycle Club was founded in 1979. They stand by the code, “My Word – My Honor,” and nothing is more important to them than the brotherhood they share with their fellow Asgard members. The men are always addressed by first names only or nicknames…nicknames that are well deserved and fit each one to a T. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Asgard Nomad, Curt and Asgard Nomad, Jim. Asgard is a most well respected and well appreciated organization on the Gulf Coast, and the walls of their headquarters are a testament to all the wonderful things they have done over the years. The place is literally filled with treasured awards and plaques, trophies and certificates of honor that have been bestowed on this club. The walls are also a display for photographs and mementos that mean the world to these guys. Many are growing old together and they share quite a history. The men of Asgard are as different as night and day, and come from all walks of life but they share a kinship for their love of motorcycles, belief in one another, and the ultimate respect for the Asgard members who have passed away.
Asgard is a local organization that started in Biloxi. All the members know each other very well and are friends. They identify with the Norse god of Cunning and Mischief, Loki. He is the face of Asgard. Years ago, the membership extended to Mobile, Alabama and up to Hattiesburg, It was decided that it was too difficult to keep everyone together and have a cohesive unit due to the distance. Five years later, a Pascagoula Chapter was formed, then Gulfport and the Kiln joined the group. The Nomads represent all chapters, they exist for the betterment of the club. Last but not least is the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter which is made up of the Asgard officers. There are six officers: President, Vice President, Sergeant at Arms, Secretary, Treasurer, and Road Captain. Each individual chapter also has it’s own officers but they serve on the local level only. If an issue involves the club as a whole, not individual chapters, then the Asgard Club Officers will make the final determination and decision. The President of the Nomads is Smokey, he is an Air Force Academy graduate. There are a lot of military men in Asgard.
It is important to note that Asgard is for MEN ONLY. In order to be considered for membership, there are several steps. You have to hang out with the members and get to know them. You must ride a Harley and you have to really know about motorcycles. You have to learn about each member and what they ride. Next you have to become an official “Hang Around.” This means you are allowed and expected be with the members at every opportunity. If all goes well, next you are deemed a “Prospect” and you must do whatever is asked of you by any member in the entire club. This must be accomplished without question and with a good attitude. In turn, the member cannot request anything that he would not do himself. “Nothing is ever done that is morally wrong. Non of the crazy stunts that college kids do in order to pledge in a fraternity. We certainly have a good time and do silly stuff but we behave as mature men who live by respect,” Asgard Nomad Curt said. “Prospective members have to know all the inner workings of the club, and they have to know the charter and know all the members. Most importantly, they have to convince us that we need them in our membership,” Asgard Nomad Jim said. Whatever is asked of a Prospect, they must comply without complaining and happily look toward the next task.
Once a man is granted membership in Asgard, they must uphold the credo of “My Word – My Honor” and “Be Good or Be Gone.” Members come and go, but a rare few have been there since it’s inception. As you enter the headquarters, a truly magnificent club flag takes up an entire wall. “The flag tells the story of Asgard, and every patch holds great significance for the members, past, present, and those who have died,” Nomad Curt said. The women who are spouses or significant others of Asgard members are thought of as property. I admit that I found the concept is a bit disconcerting but they mean it with the utmost respect and love for their partners.”Asgard men hold their women in great esteem and we put them on pedestals. We never allow our women to be mistreated or disrespected in any way but they do belong to us and we treasure them,” Nomad Jim said. When women ride the bikes with their men, they are permitted and expected to wear a vest or jacket that proclaims they belong to the driver. Asgard women are very proud to wear the garment whenever it is deemed appropriate, it tells the world they are protected and revered.
In 1989, the city of Biloxi proclaimed a Motorcycle Club Day in honor of Asgard. Quickly, seven other Coast cities followed suit. The tradition is observed faithfully year after year. Currently there are 69 proclamations that are proudly displayed in the Meeting room. The men of Asgard are known for their generosity and kindness. Sadly there is a stigma that exists about bikers and their crazy, over the top, lifestyles. This is certainly not the case with Asgard. The organization is very structured and they live by strict rules and always adhere to a code of honor. They faithfully support the Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as the Mississippi Gulf Coast Chapter of Multiple Sclerosis. Every penny that Asgard raises stays right here on the Coast to help local people. To date, Asgard has raised almost $400,000.00 for Multiple Sclerosis patients. It all began thanks to a long time association with Tommy Wiltz (Tommy Joe Breaux), owner of an auto parts store on Porter Avenue in Biloxi. “He carried the heavy weight oil we use for the bikes and that is what brought us together,” Nomad Jim said. Many other charities have benefited from the generosity of the Asgards, such as the Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranches and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Christmas is the time for the Asgard Annual Toy Run. It is always very successful and brings happiness to kids throughout South Mississippi. Last year it took an 18 wheeler to carry all the toys that were donated. “We have biker friends that come from Louisiana, Alabama, and all of Mississippi to help us with the Toy Run. We have had as many as 500 motorcycles participate in a continuous line that stretched for miles and miles,” Nomad Curt said.
The men of Asgard are able to raise such amazing sums of money because every year, during the month of May (more specifically on Memorial Day weekend) they pull out all the stops and throw the biggest and wildest party you ever did see! This is an all adult affair and quite frankly, anything can happen and usually does. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, May 25th through 28th, the Gulfport Dragway becomes an unparalleled spectacle featuring the most awesome bikes, insane races and all kinds of contests. This year will celebrate 30 years of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Memorial Day Blowout and tickets are being sold at a discounted rate. There are over 100 acres to accommodate RV camping and there is plenty of on-site parking. It cannot be stressed enough that this is an ADULT EVENT and children should not attend.
The brotherhood of Asgard is the glue of the organization. Each man brings something unique to the group and it all fits together. They call upon one another for help, and they know they can depend on their brothers. The members actually built the two story house that serves as the Asgard Headquarters, with the exception of finishing the slab. Nomad Jim said, “We collaborated on everything and worked side by side until it was finished. It makes the Asgard headquarters even more special to us. We bought the property when it was undeveloped, there wasn’t even a road!”
The men take frequent bike trips together, sometimes riding great distances. They always ride to Panama City, Florida and take the trip twice a year. A long standing tradition in Asgard are the Memorial Runs. The men faithfully visit the grave sites of their fallen members. When they arrive, they stand together and have a beer (the deceased favorite label) and toast his life. The connection of the brotherhood runs very deep. The ashes of one man rest in his boot, in the upstairs office at the Asgard headquarters – it was his request and they faithfully carried out his wishes.
When the Blowout is in full swing, biker friends come from all over the country and even abroad to show their support. Perhaps thousands of guests visit the Asgard headquarters and place a pin on a huge map to indicate where they came from. There are so many pins that every inch of the map has been covered. Word gets around through articles and advertising in National magazines such as Outlaw Biker, Easy Riders, and In the Wind. A total of forty one media outlets combine to tell the public about the Memorial Day Blowout in South Mississippi. Go To Places Monthly is proud to now be in that number.
For more information about Asgard and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Memorial Blowout, go to the website

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