I hope you are enjoying your summer. If you are like me, you are just a little bit nervous about the hurricane season that is now upon us but hopefully we will luck out again this year and be spared of any catastrophic storms. Speaking of hurricane season, this month GTP will take you inside the exciting world of the Hurricane Hunters. This profession is certainly not for the faint of heart!
Nancy’s Celebrity Chat is back with a wonderful visit with Bello Nock, the international circus star who will charm audiences at the Beau Rivage Theater this summer in Fata Morgana. Bring the whole family to see this exclusive “Optical Illusion” extravaganza!
We take you behind the scenes of the proposed Harbor Casino Project for the city of Gulfport and introduce you to Rotate Black, Inc. MS who is at the helm of this spectacular, four star casino/resort development. Only GTP has this story!
Taste Buds visits a brand new bar and eatery in downtown Gulfport that will make you think you have been whisked away to Ireland the moment you walk through the front door. The Irish Coast Pub is here and it is a delightful change of pace!
All This…And So Much More

Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

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