For sixteen years 97.9 WCPR and Mississippi Media have been hosting some of the biggest and most exciting Rock concerts in the southern region. It’s hard to imagine that this long standing Coast tradition began so many years ago. Director of Operations for Mississippi Media, Kenny Vest had this to say about the CPR Fest legacy, “We optimistically envisioned CPR Fest would grow when we first started out but had no idea it would turn into what it is today. We are so pleased at how it has evolved over the years. Music fans come from all over the South to attend each year, which in turn hopefully helps local businesses on the Coast.”
Every year fans look forward to a stellar line up of Rock and Alternative bands, and no one ever comes away disappointed. The CPR Fest events are well known throughout the music industry. They are recognized by agents, managers, bands and record labels as a destination of choice when planning their tour routes. The weekend of August 10 through 11 the tradition continues at Jones Park in Gulfport. Get ready for CPR 16/Carnival of Madness Tour because it is going to be an insane, raucous romp with headliners Chevelle and Evanescence and a host of other artists that have brand new records out that are steadily climbing the charts. .
Evanescence has sold over 20 million records throughout their career, and have taken home two Grammy’s. Little Rock, Arkansas is the birthplace of these incredible artists. Chevelle; Pete Loeffler on guitar and vocals, Sam Loeffler on drums, and bassist Dean Bernadini, come to us from Grayslake, Illinois. They recently had the #1 Active Rock song in America, “Face To The Floor” from their latest release, “Hats Off to the Bull.” Halestorm tied the #1 spot with Foxy Shazam with their hit, “Love Bites (So Do I)” and it was also a top 5 single at Rock Radio. The line-up for CPR Fest 16 is made complete with core artists of 97.9 WCPR, they are P.O.D, Hollywood Undead and Nonpoint, as well as Robert Fortune Band, Call Me No One, Cavo, and New Medicine.
97.9 WCPR always takes great pride in introducing local talent and giving them a chance to play on the big stage with headliner artists. There is no bigger thrill for these up and coming rockers than having their name up in lights and getting a shot at a real career in the music industry. Local bands that made the cut are: Cathercist, Chasing Karma, Down The Phoenix, Defy Me, and the Robert Fortune Band(regional act out of New Orleans). At press time, this is the complete list of new local talent to be showcased at CPR Fest 16.
The dastardly duo, CPR’s only Denver Crab and Riley Knight will serve as Masters of Ceremonies for the weekend. They are 97.9 CPR Rocks most popular pair on the Air, and the ratings are going through the roof! These two seem to be made for each other, and every day they let it rip with their own brand of humor and no holes barred commentary…nothing is ever scripted and you never know what is going to come out of Denver’s or Riley’s mouth at any given time. It is a 3 ring circus every day and the fans can’t get enough. Scot Fox, Musical Director for CPR, will be the voice of reason with Riley and Denver, as co-host for the two days of madness.
The feedback from faithful listeners and long time fans of bringing this year’s CPR Fest back outside for the first time since before Katrina has been incredible! Ticket sales reflect a record setting attendance for CPR Fest 16 which will be held on the beautiful new grounds of Jones Park in Gulfport. “We so appreciate all the support that the Coast has given us over the years and we are looking forward to an outstanding weekend of music for everyone to enjoy,” Kenny Vest said.
We don’t want you to be denied entrance to the event so remember just a few things so that you won’t be stopped at the gate: No food, no drinks, no chairs or and no tents…that’s it. There will be plenty of great food and drinks available throughout the weekend. Be courteous to your fellow concert goers, be smart, be safe and have fun – see ya there!

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