The Hook Up Bar & Restaurant

Are you ready to be “Hooked up”? It’s the local Biloxi restaurant that everybody’s talking about! The Hook Up Restaurant is opening October 1st with ‘Old Biloxi Cuisine and a New Biloxi View’. Located at 200 8th Street in Biloxi, the freshest new idea in restaurants is on the Biloxi Boardwalk overlooking the marina on Point Cadets’ Back Bay.
The views are overwhelming and the food is like being at yo’ mamas on Sunday after church. Chef “D”, Demetrio Marquez, has made sure that the recipes are uniquely “Biloxi” by talking with local families that have been native to “The Point” for generations. For instance, the menu sports dishes created by old Biloxi families like the Desportes and Rosetti’s. They will serve Barq’s Root beer, dark roux gumbo, pusharates and even fried soft shell po-boys!
General Manager, John McCusker, an Irishman by birth and a Biloxian by choice, loves the Caribbean feel to the restaurant but admits that it is true Biloxi at its finest. “When the restaurant opens, we are frustrated actors on a stage and we want the locals and visitors to be here for the show and the great food. Many of the employees have worked with me before and this team of professionals is top notch. You won’t get better service anywhere on the coast!” McCusker said.
The restaurant will feature an Oyster bar section on the menu as well as a huge list of appetizers, steaks, seafood and much more. All of the 275 seats are in open and airy places with a view. The bar is a focal point in the dining area and the outdoor patio is right on the water. Guests may arrive by land or boat since the dock is only a few feet from the restaurant. Huge doors roll up into the walls of the main dining area so the breeze can blow lazily through the entire facility.
A sunset happy hour for food and drinks will be every Monday through Thursday 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and on Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Many surprises will be happening during the happy hour festivities but they are a secret in McCuskers head that no one can pry out!
Chef D has been in the restaurant business for over 30 years and on the coast since 1996. He has been a chef at various coast casinos and places like the Radisson, Renaissance, Sheraton, Hyatt and others. Chef D even owned and operated his own Southwestern Cuisine restaurant for a time in downtown Ocean Springs.
This is a place where you wear a shirt and shoes but flip flops and sundresses are considered fine dining attire. So, take the stress out of your day by enjoying a wonderful, old Biloxi-style meal for lunch or dinner while the sights and sounds of the water whisk you away to a simpler time when Biloxi’s pace was slower and the food was absolutely, homemade AMAZING! Bon Appétit Chez and we’ll see you at The Hook Up!


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