The Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport

The Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport has been around for 63 years and has been quietly working for children in our communities. They held their 63rd Ball last week at the Beau Rivage, complete with silent auction, live auction, great food and amazing décor.
The ladies of the Junior Auxiliary looked phenomenal in some of the most beautiful ball gowns we’ve ever seen! The silent auction items stretched over table after table. The funds raised at the 63rd Ball will benefit the JA’s work over the next year. This is their only fundraiser each year because the ladies are so busy helping out children in the community in other ways.
“We love to volunteer with the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. The Jr. Auxiliary was fundamental in getting the center opened years ago. Many of our members volunteer there on a regular basis,” said Aimee Robertson, Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport Vice President of Finance.
The JA also worked closely with the Harrison County Family Court Emergency Children’s Shelter through a program known as Hearts Without a Home. This service gives the ladies a chance each week to go where they are needed and perform services such as comforting children that are new to the shelter, working on homework assignments with the children and providing games and fun activities to help get the children through their day.
Many other programs exist within the JA of Gulfport including Backpack Blessings, Building Block, Child Welfare and Medical Care. To learn more about these programs and the many, many other programs that the JA of Gulfport provides, please visit their website at
Last year, the JA helped over 9000 kids in Harrison County alone. They care so deeply about their communities, children and families that they feel it is an honor to be able to give back whenever and however they can. The motto for the JA, both locally and nationally is “Caring for a child now is building character for tomorrow”.
Your child may not know that their lives have been touched by these angelic women. The JA works with local Dentists to go to schools in the area and provide 2nd graders with valuable knowledge and lessons about their dental health. Another program that touches the lives of the children in local schools allows 11th grade age children the opportunity to travel with JA members to Universities where they can learn more about what they can expect to see and do while attending college. “Many of these kids have never even been on a university campus and are a bit scared of going to college because they don’t know what it will be like. We try to help them get over that fear and show them that it is a great place to be,” Ms. Robertson said.
Sarah Rollins, who serves as President of the Junior Auxiliary of Gulfport, says it straight-forward and in terms we can easily understand, “It’s all about the kids!” To partner with the Junior Auxiliary or help sponsor the efforts of these caring women, please contact them through their website. There is nothing more deserving as a child in need and you can help.


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